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Chaosium Three Halloween Adventures

Chaosium periodically hosts contests on our web site. The adventures presented here were chosen from among the best submissions from our 2005 Halloween Adventure contest.

Eyes That Should Not See

BY JIM LYNCH. The Trepanation Proponents of America (TPA) is a small organization, run by its founder – John Croft. Croft is an intelligent, calm man who will put forth evidence that trepanation leads to the expansion of consciousness and inner clarity.

Halloween in Dunwich

BY OSCAR RIOS. Dunwich is beautiful this time of year, with the leaves turning shades of orange and gold. You're family left their automobile in Dunwich village and were being driven by horse and wagon up to Great Grandpa Silas's farm. The trip was like going back in time; to a simpler age. It's a warm day for late October, without a cloud in the sky. Today was going to be a wonderful day.

Terror at Erne Rock

BY R.J. CHRISTENSEN. The investigators find themselves aboard the private yacht of J. Kramer Worthington III, heir to a New York City publishing company, for a private Halloween party to Halifax, Nova Scotia for fun, frivolity, hot jazz, and of course, illegal whiskey. Having made the acquaintance of young Mr. Worthington (from school or perhaps being covered in a previous adventure), the investigators believe themselves in for a few days of glorious rest & relaxation. The luxurious yacht "Globetrotter" has an additional 20 other passengers besides the investigators, 6 musicians, and 19 crewmen. The yacht leaves New York City on October 29, and that night and following day are filled with continuous joyous Jazz Age partying with free-flowing liquor and festive foods.
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