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Chaosium Eight Horrors for One Special Night

This monograph is the result of Chaosium's annual Halloween Adventure Contest. What follows are eight tales of Halloween Horror spanning time and space, from medieval Europe to modern day Arkham. We hope you enjoy these Samhain offerings.

Of Angels and Bones

A 1920s ADVENTURE BY BRANDON HANLAN. "Of Angels And Bones" revolves around the happenings of a small town in Oklahoma in the 1920s. A local man discovers a strange whistle and learns its secret at the cost of his own sanity and the lives of his friends.

The Devil's Agents

A 1920s ADVENTURE BY SHAWN PROCTOR. “The Devil's Agents” is intended either as a breath-of-fresh-air scenario—for players who have seen one cultist too many and begun to feel simply investigating evil repeatedly has gotten stale—or a tournament-style adventure. This is an unusual premise, one where the players' characters will be cultists themselves.

Haunted Molesbury

A MODERN DAY ADVENTURE BY BRIAN HENSLEY. RAF Molesbury is but a shell of its former glory. Originally a fighter base during WWII it was given over to the American Air Force during the Cold War to station long range photo reconnaissance aircraft. As the Soviet Union fell, the necessity of the base diminished and cut-backs have closed the aircraft wings at the base.

Way Down. In Ioway.

A 1920s ADVENTURE BY X.D. ENESS. Set in rural Iowa in the 1920s this adventure incorporates atypical Cthulhu Mythos elements. The adventure has wide application for an experienced group of players who may mistake the adventure's conventions as an indication that they've “been down this road before.” It will instead provide a few refreshing surprises for even the most jaded player.

The Smokestack Horror

A HIGH SCHOOL ADVENTURE BY JOHN KENNEDY. High school can be rough, and even rougher if no one cares about you. There are those who are picked on everyday, and those who start fights in the cafeteria. And then there are the few who no one remember at all, the ones who sat in the middle of the classroom and who the teacher rarely called on. When one of them goes missing, few notice or care.

Halloween Candy

A MODERN DAY SCENARIO BY OSCAR RIOS & WALTER ATTRIDGE. Today starts normally enough for three agents of the newly formed Department of Homeland Security Agency. It is late October; Halloween to be exact, but there'll be little fun and games for the trio. On route to a national conference, where some of the most knowledgeable people in the country would be holding seminars on everything from foreign cultures, terrorist funding and the latest in non-lethal submission techniques, the phone rings.

Michael P. Jackson, the assistant secretary of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), who identifies himself with a confirmation code. “Gentlemen, it seems you won't be going to your conference after all. A situation has arisen and as of now you are all being assigned to an operation that is vital to national security. You are to immediately proceed to the GPS coordinates I am sending you; there you'll meet two operatives. You are assigned to them until further notice; assist them in any way possible. They have full authority concerning this operation. This operation is classified and I cannot stress that strongly enough. The team leader will brief you all as soon as you arrive at the rendezvous point. Good luck gentlemen, make DHS proud.”

Enter The Gaijin

A SECRETS OF JAPAN SCENARIO BY SIMON YEE. It is Halloween night and instead of waiting at your door for local kids to do trick or treat the you end up working the holiday on an emergency call. You are summoned to the Arkham Hospital morgue to help in the investigation of the ‘Trick or Treat' home invasion and bank robbery case. Earlier in the day, three of the gang members were killed after fleeing the scene of a recent bank hold up at the new Arkham Centurion Bank. Investigators will know that nine homes and two banks have been robbed at gun point this past month by this gang and that four of the families from the nine homes were brutally murdered.

A Ring of Toadstools

A CTHULHU DARK AGES SCENARIO BY OSCAR RIOS. This scenario can take place almost anywhere in England, Scotland or Ireland, sometime around 960 AD during All Hallow's Eve (also known as Oiche Samhain or Samhain Night). While the folklore and traditions do vary between these countries they are similar enough that the theme of the scenario are still appropriate. Keepers can set the scenario anywhere they wish although it may require some alteration. For our purposes the scenario takes place in the fictitious town of Sogailraugh.
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