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Chaosium Time Runs Short!

Unspeakable terror lies just on the edge of our collective consciousness. Creatures that were old when man first walked the earth dwell in a universe that holds terrible secrets. We are far below the top of the food chain!

To elder beings such as these, our existence is but a mere annoyance. Some are merely content to bide their time until we eventually exterminate ourselves. Others however, plan a more direct approach and labor to hasten the demise of our species. Our time runs short.

Time and again, stalwart souls have stood in the gap and foiled the plots of those who would destroy us. We are forever in the debt of these unsung heroes and may their kind forever walk our planet. The challenge now falls to your players. Can they save the day or will their characters run screaming to the countryside?

Ramblings of a Twisted Muse is a collection of adventures designed to challenge investigative minds and slake your player's thirst for adventure. Each scenario is presented in chronological order but can be run independently if the needs of your gaming group dictates this. This product features pre-generated characters to allow the Keeper the flexibility to provide for new players or late arrivals. These characters are tailored to fit their respective adventure and can allow new blood to contribute to the gaming experience.
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