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Chaosium Three Clues to Adventure

There is a certain vicarious thrill that can be experienced by reading the personal writings of others. Lovecraft certainly seemed to think so. His work is full of letters, diaries, research notebooks, and all manner of other documents. These were merely one of his many devices for the distillation of terror. This monograph is an attempt to capture the essence of Lovecraft's love for forbidden, voyeuristic reading material, while providing keepers with new ideas and material to incorporate into their Call of Cthulhu games. It does, however, differ somewhat in approach from other books of this type. Rather than presenting you with straight up adventures, you are instead given three complete “primary sources.” Each one is designed to inspire ideas for your games and serve as an evocative handout for your players to examine for clues. Handouts have always been a favorite part of Call of Cthulhu and this monograph should give you plenty of them.

So, how do you use this monograph? Twilight Memoirs is broken into three sections. Each section contains a complete document, ready to be photocopied and given to the players as a handout. Each document then has a corresponding appendix in which you'll find relevant game statistics, background information, and scenario hooks.

Here is a summary of what you'll find inside:

Section One: The Journal of Henry Radcliff

This section presents the 1927 journal of Henry Radcliff, a librarian whose discovery of a strange tome leads him to madness. In the appendix, you'll find a new antagonist in the form of the “Crimson Angel”, a bold Mi-Go who has gone against the Cult of Nyarlathotep and raised a following of his own.

Section Two: The Research Log of the Kenning Expedition

This section centers on the research log of an archaeological expedition sent to a mysterious isle in the Caribbean in 1920. The members of the expedition were never heard from again, but their research log was found floating on a raft in the Caribbean. The appendix details the history of the mysterious island and provides scenario hooks that give the player-characters reasons to re-visit it.

Section Three: The Diary of Helen Dubois

This section focuses on the diary of a modern-day woman by the name of Helen Dubois. Driven mad by the loss of her son and husband, Helen begins to look to the woods for guidance and in the process comes in contact with an ancient entity. The appendix of this section presents an all-new mythos deity: Aylith, the Widow in the Woods.
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