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Cthulhu World Combat combines turn-based strategy gaming with H. P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror!

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Today, our mission is to create a great strategy/horror game for the iOS system (iPad/iPhone) that Lovecraft himself would be proud to play. Cthulhu World Combat is the first Cthulhu Mythos product in which YOU play as one of these alien gods yourself. The game takes place after the Old Ones have returned to the Earth. You strive to occupy the world for yourself, and compete with the other forces of destruction A.K.A. your friends. Only one can control the ruins of Earth in the end.

Like the Cthulhu Mythos, turn-based strategy gaming has survived the test of time. From Empire to Civilization to Heroes of Might and Magic, we have enjoyed these games. The idea behind Cthulhu World Combat is to take this basic game system and apply it to the Cthulhu Mythos. In terms of gameplay, Cthulhu World Combat probably resembles the Nintendo product Advance Wars more than any other game, but, predictably, Sandy Petersen’s twisted mind has added some significant innovations.

If you are not familiar with Advance Wars, it is a top-down turn-based strategy game in which the players produce aircraft, tanks, and ships and then try to destroy their enemies and capture their base. The most obvious difference in Cthulhu World Combat is that you are producing monsters, cultists, and other such creatures instead of mechanized weapons. In Advance Wars, all factions have access to the same weapons. But in Cthulhu World Combat, each faction has its own loyal monsters unique to it.

Cthulhu World Combat is a multiplayer game, though it also supports singleplayer. Turns are short, lasting only a few minutes at the most, so you can take a short break to play a turn at any time during the day or night. You can have many games going on at once, as with other turn-based iOS games such as Words With Friends.
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Merci à Monsieur Sandy Petersen !
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