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This publication was mentioned in the January 3, 2013 press release which announced that Stygian Fox had become a Call of Cthulhu licensee.
This will be a dark collection of stand-alone, modern-day scenarios, each examining the Mythos from the perspective of its impact on innocent lives. Each scenario begins with something symbolic having been left behind.
There are no cuddly plushies here — well, except in one case, where a stuffed ladybug backpack is what has been left behind by a young kidnap victim.
The scenarios in this collection will aim to shock and horrify your players, and will be geared at mature gamers. They deal will with difficult subjects such as child abductions, bullying, runaways, murders, suicide, and the stark knowledge that mankind itself can be more cold and calculating than anything from time and space. This is not to say that these are non-Mythos pieces; on the contrary, they seek to examine the full extent of the horror that would logically be endured if such things existed in today's world. Nor is it to say that we lack a sense of humor. Laughter is the initial reaction to discomfort. But happy endings? Not bloody likely, we're afraid.
The Things We Leave Behind will include scenarios by Jeff Moeller, Simon Brake, Brian Sammons, Tom Lynch, & Steff Worthington:
The Things We Leave Behind is an anthology of 5 modern day scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game published by Chaosium, Inc, edited by Jeff Moeller, and written by Brian M. Sammons, Scott Dorward, Simon Brake, and Jeff Moeller. Art by Davide Como and Stephanie McAlea.

While it's the first kickstarter from Stygian Fox Publishing, Chaosium's newest licensee, the team are no stranger to kickstarter projects having been a part of many in the last few years for diverse companies as Golden Goblin Press, Chaosium, and Miskatonic River Press.

Taking its inspirational cues from Delta Green, Fargo, Blood Simple, and True Detective, the book takes a mature look at the horror of human nature and its ability to be just as disturbing as anything from the Mythos.

The scenarios deal with unavoidable fates, dark secrets, and seriously bad choices made by the antagonists. As so often is the case, there are no winners when fate has trapped you in a dice game for doom or destiny. As such, please be aware that some of themes are quite mature and are suitable for adult gamers only.

The funds for this Kickstarter will go towards commissioning more art from Davide Como, a fantastic Italian artist known for his dark contrast and lingering shadows. It will also help pay for a layout artist to portray the scenarios in their best (gibbous moon) light, and hiring writers of quality if the book is to expand.

I hope you can help us do that. Ia! Ia!

We have a great team lined up for this project (with a couple of ENnie nominations and awards between us).
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Merci à Monsieur Sandy Petersen !
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