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Mark of the Old Ones is a 2.5 dimensional Metroidvania physics platformer inspired by Metroid, Zelda and the works of HP Lovecraft, combined with dynamic inverse kinematic gameplay.

In Mark of the Old Ones, players explore Namaset, a cavernous metropolis underneath a mountain built for Kraal, "a great and eternal being." Players take on the role of the powerful Mogal to traverse the "shunned and long banished civilization" and "unwind the mistakes of eons past."

Developer Hit the Sticks didn't want MotOO to be "just another rope game," so it developed an inverse kinematics system to give the character "real" tendrils controlled by analog sticks. Players control the tendrils from their tips, allowing the in-game character to "push off the floor like a jellyfish" and manipulate objects.

"Mogal was never touched by an artist. An artist never gave Mogal a model or a rig. An artist never animated Mogal," creator Jordan Brock wrote. "100 percent of Mogal's animation is done in real-time, based off of the input that YOU give to the analogue sticks. That means that you aren't limited to walking, running, ducking, jumping, shooting (the typical animations/actions a character would be able to perform in a typical game). With no pre-baked animations, and everything under your control in can do basically anything you could do with a pair of arms in real life."

Mechanics include Magnetism, upgradable Boost that gives players a sharp vertical thrust and Chronition that slows time and lets players see further, shining "a bright light on the darkness of Namaset."

"In Mark of the Old Ones, when you master the controls, you have an incredible amount of control over your character, I mean, you are the Olympic gymnast ninja edition of eldritch abominations," Brock told Polygon.
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