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Ce projet ne sera financé que si 20 000 $ ou plus sont engagés d'ici Dim 11 oct. 2015 05:59 CEST.

A collection of 1920's era adventures for the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu role playing game set in the Caribbean.
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Golden Goblin Press

Across the azure waters of Caribbean Sea, under the warmth of the tropical sun, are more than seven hundred islands which make up many nations. Their citizens are a mix of native and colonial peoples, with unique cultures and traditions. But, there are many dark shadows in paradise. For upon these same islands are, unknown to most people, countless horrors which lurk just beyond the perception of mankind. Under the waves and deep in the jungles, beyond coral reefs and within smoldering volcanoes, stalking through sugarcane fields and banana groves, are the dark powers of the Cthulhu Mythos.

As always a few brave and resourceful men and women learn the truth. These heroes then stand before the darkness to face the untold horrors beyond human understanding. These are a few of their stories. Golden Goblin Press is very proud to bring you Tales of the Caribbean.


Tales of the Caribbean will be a collection of Jazz Era (1920s) scenarios set across the Caribbean for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. We are offering a wide array of backer levels, some of which include special packages and exclusive items. We have planned many exciting stretch goals for this campaign, including expanded art, additional scenarios, bonus setting content, and unlockable add-on merchandise.

Production Team – For this project we have assembled a mix of new faces and old favorites. Lisa Padol, Oscar Rios, and Jeffrey Moeller will be editing; Mark Shireman will handle art design, player aids, and layout; Stephanie McAlea will provide our maps; and Reuben Dodd will create our cover and interior illustrations. This is pretty much the same production team from Tales of the Crescent City, so if you liked what you saw in that book expect more of the same.

Our returning authors are Mark Shireman, Jeffrey Moeller, and Oscar Rios. Joining us for the first time are industry veterans Dave Sokolowski (He Who Laughs Last) and Jason Williams (Secrets of Tibet). We hope to add two more authors, a fresh face and a returning veteran, through Stretch Goals, so stay tuned!
Core Scenarios

Servant of God, by Jeffrey Moeller (Cuba) : Monsignor Valdez, Postulator of the Vatican, is dead. His body discovered as a dry, empty husk, in his bed at the Hotel Inglaterra, in Havana, with no sign of foul play. Msgr. Valdez had been doing the initial round of investigation on a petition for sainthood for Fr. Fernando de Seville, a 16th Century Spanish Inquisitor who moved to Cuba and established a monastic order. Msgr. Valdez's first task was to locate the body of Fr. Fernando and ensure that no idolatrous cult has grown around the candidate. Alas, Fr. Fernando's body was not in its crypt where it belonged. The investigators soon become drawn into finding out just who (or what) killed Msgr. Valdez, and why?

Crimson Eyes and Azure Pools, by Jason Williams (Bahamas) : The investigators journey to the Bahamas to determine the fate of a sailboat's missing crew. The Jeremiah Orne is a small research vessel owned by Miskatonic University. While retracing the missing sailboat's trial the investigators are drawn into a web of mystery, involving modern science, Bahamian folklore, remote pine forests, and the famous Blue Holes of Andros Island. When shadowy forces are drawn into the light, the results can be deadly, as the investigators face terrible choices that drive them to the edge of madness.

Black as Pitch at Midnight, by Mark Shireman (Trinidad) : People across the island, from all walks of life and with nothing apparently in common, are disappearing in alarming numbers. The authorities can find no trace of the victims, who seem to have vanished into thin air. Fear is quickly spreading, along with rumors of an ancient evil from half a world away. Solving the mystery requires investigators who are stout of heart and keen of mind, as they find themselves drawn deep into the heart of the darkest side of Indo-Caribbean culture.

Wrath of the Sulfurer, by Dave Sokolowski (St Vincent and the Grenadines) : La Soufrière (The Sulfurer), a volcano on the island of St. Vincent, erupts for the second time in twenty years, sending ash and smoke across the island. Shortly after a group of geologists heads out to conduct scientific research, a half-crazed and bloodied missionary arrives, raving of ancient writings in caves uncovered by the erupting volcano. Investigators may attempt to evacuate the other missionaries trapped at the foot of La Soufrière, locate the geological team, or explore and document the cave writings before they are once again hidden. However, something ancient, inhuman, and evil lurks within the black smoke of the Sulfurer.

The Night Forms a Cover for Sinners, by Oscar Rios (Puerto Rico) : When a leading scholar publishes the definitive guide to his homeland's myths and folklore; he drops a single chapter from the manuscript. The legend is simply too fantastic and frightening to be made public. It is a story of ancient evil, eternal life, fantastical creatures, and powerful magic. When a friend decides to continue the scholar's research, in the hopes that it may lead to the fabled Fountain of Youth, the investigators soon learn that the truth is far more terrifying than the legends.
Exclusive Items
BONUS SCENARIO: Chicken Merry Hawk Deh Near, by Oscar Rios (Jamaica) - The investigators are invited to the town of Mavis Bank, in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, to attend the christening of Elizabeth Graham, only child of Lord Henry Graham. While born in Jamaica, Lord Henry spent most of his life in Scotland, only recently returning to his family's plantation.The joyous homecoming (of sorts takes) a dark turn as children across Mavis Banks begin falling ill. This sparks rumors of vampires and curses, as a sinister entity stalks Mavis Banks by night.

All backers at and above the Jamaica Backer level receive a PDF of this scenario. It will not be included in the core book or made available elsewhere. It may become unlocked as an add-on item as a stretch goal. Stay Tuned!

Tales of Collection Packages :

Our St. Lucia Backer Level includes a copy of Tales of the Crescent City - Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans.

Our Trinidad Backer Level and Cuba Backer Level include ALL THREE of the Tales of series, Tale of the Caribbean, Tales of the Crescent City, and the long out of print Tales of the Sleepless City. Tales of the Sleepless City, a collection of scenarios set in New York, launched the Tales of series, and a VERY limited number have been printed as a personal favor from our good friends at Miskatonic River Press. These will not last long, and no more can be made available.

The Chickcharney Idol - On the island of Andros, in the Bahamas, legends tell of a mysterious and magical owl-like creature, said to bring both good fortune and doom. It is called the Chickcharney, and we are thrilled to offer our backers the chance to own Chickcarney Idol. Produced by master craftsman Joe Broers in a replica of the Taino Indian style, the cast resin idol stands5 1/2 inches tall. You can see more of Joe's amazing work here! The Chickcarney Idol is included as part of the Bahamas, Cuba, and Caribbean Sea backer level. These idols are also available as an Add-On item to backers above the Puerto Rico level.
The Chickcharney Idol
The Chickcharney Idol
Add-On Items

The Chickcharney Idol ($100)

More Add-On Items will be listed as they become available.

Stretch Goal #1, Bonus Art ($21,500) : An expanded art budget will allow us to add more illustrations, maps, and handouts to each scenario.

Stretch Goal #2, Post Cards of Peril ($23,000) : Each backer above the Puerto Rico level receives three original post cards from Caribbean locations depicted in the collection. On the back of each post card is a message from an imperiled investigator battling the mythos in that locale.
Post Cards of Peril (samples)
Post Cards of Peril (samples)

Stretch Goal #3, Haiti ($25,000) - A sixth scenario will be added to the core book. Set in Haiti, Toil in the Fields is written by a new author making her Golden Goblin Press debut, Jo Kreil. Help bring them into the horde and help yourself to one more amazing adventure!

Toil in the Fields - The investigators travel to Port-au-Prince Haiti, on the Island of Hispaniola to collect the effects of an American researcher who died from malaria. However, reports of his death may not be entirely accurate, as investigators soon spot him shuffling through the marketplace in some sort of trance. This leads investigators into a mystery filled with grave robbing, body snatching, unholy magic, and an ancient evil older than recorded history.

Further Stretch Goals will be unveiled as these are reached.
Call of Cthulhu is a trademark of Chaosium Inc. and used under license
Call of Cthulhu is a trademark of Chaosium Inc. and used under license
Risques et défis

We face many of the same risks and challenges most Kickstarters do. We're working hard to minimize most of these risks before we launch the campaign. To deal with the unforeseen challenges we intend to be versatile and pro-active. We learned a lot from our three previous kickstarter and are happy with how those projects turned out. We have every intention to make this project even more successful by drawing upon that newly found knowledge and experience.
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