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Agent's Handbook: Rules, character creation, occupation templates,equipment, player-facing RP tips of the "So you play an FBI agent" variety.Everything you need to play. Probably $25 plus S/H.Also a very short quickstart version.Stretch goals:Core Book: A bigger book. Everything in the Agents Handbook plus tons ofstuff on running the game, creating spells and artifacts, creating monstersand mysteries, write-ups on the main factions of the setting nowadays andWhere Are They Now references to old groups. Everything you need to run along-term campaign. Probably $50 plus S/H.A full campaign of starter adventures. Greg has the first draft finishedalready.Big books dedicated to specific themes. Likeliest possibilities: Carcosa.The Dreamlands and Nodens. PISCES. World War 2. The Great Race of Yith.Maybe a campaign around Project RAINBOW and rescuing the world from the USSEldridge. A history-spanning campaign pursuing a Ghathanatoa cult. Thelloigor as a rising threat. An adventure campaign taking on the Fate in NYCwhen Stephen Alzis vanishes and the gloves come off. A collection of pastPDF-only adventures (Future/Perfect, Music From a Darkened Room, JackFrost, etc.), updated and revised.And a bunch of standalone adventures as smaller stretch goals along the way.
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