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Keeper's Screen (1988 edition)
"Basic Game Data Instantly at Hand: * Monster & Spell Tables * Institutional Disasters * Ranged & Melee Weapons * Sanity & Typical Losses * Books of the Mythos ~~ NEW EDITION: 4 Panels * Select Cthulhu Now and Gaslight Weapons * Bi-Side Resistance Tables * Malfunction Numbers * Knock-Out Rule"

1988 ... CHAO 2323 ... ISBN 0933635575
Call of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen
"Keepers rejoice! Tired of flipping through the Call of Cthulhu rule book for the information you need? Then look no further! This 3-panel keepers screen, featuring art by French artist Philippe Caza, puts important tables from the core rules right in front of you. Also included are:
• A new 20-page mini-adventure set in the 1920s, "A Restoration of Evil." A series of bizarre murders draws the investigators into the decaying, crime-ridden neighborhood of Red Hook, where they must battle a fanatic cult and an unearthly horror. Includes handouts, maps and plans, and new art by Paul Carrick.
• A new 4-page table summarizing most core spells for quick reference,
• A 4-page combat summary and weapons table, including alien weapon listings.
• A 4-page set of character and monster sheets to photocopy for personal use."

2000 ... CHAO 2387 ... ISBN 1568821492
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