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» Tout pour jouer au jeu, lecteur flash sans navigateur et les 8 épisodes
Plus accessible pour le moment car sous Flash :)
This is a spooky free online episodic flash point-and-click mystery-solving adventure game. Prepare to be immersed into a mythological realm of suspense and mystery. Full of magic and intrigue. Truly a work of fiction in which you are a part of. There is high-voice quality and superbly detained graphics throughout the series. Season 1 is a 4-episode set called "Arcane: The Miller Estate". Season 2 is an 8-episode set called "The Stone Circle". In the beginning, only Chaos existed, and the Elder Gods ruled the universe. But as time passed, new Gods came into existence. An epic struggle followed, and the Elder Gods were stricken down, banished beyond the frontiers of the universe, and condemned to roam the dark and cold dimensions of the Uncreated for all eternity. Rage has consumed these Great Ancients ever since. They have one obsession to return to the universe from which they were exiled, and restore the reign of Chaos. Eons later a secret cult known as the Elder Star Society, lead by the mysterious Cardinal, works to help the Ancients return to this world and rule humanity. But the Society did not expect three investigators of the supernatural (Ophelia MacDermoth, Prescott Bridgeman and Gregor MacDermoth) to stumble upon their plans. The first confrontation took place at the Miller Estate in New England, where the three heroes were duped into helping the enemy. By defeating The Guardian, a dangerous native spirit who was terrorizing the estate's inhabitants, they unknowingly activated one of the nodal points that form magical triangles over the surface of the Earth. This is exactly what the Cardinal wanted when three nodes are activated, enough energy will be liberated by the gigantic mechanism to let Elder Star achieve it's dream of bringing the Great Ancients back. Arcane is inspired by the pulp serials of the 1920's and H.P. Lovecraft's "Cthulhu Mythos."
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Merci à Monsieur Sandy Petersen !
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