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This adventure is what happens when you think that D&D is Call of Cthulhu and ought to be played that way. This is not to say that this one way of playing Call of Cthulhu, as I am sure some people who will cite the appendix in d20 Cthulhu are likely to point out. The problem is that this system was designed with BRP in mind and the underlying philosophy of Call of Cthulhu is gone. The adventure revolves around investigators who have been effectively been made immortal by their souls trapped in the Dreamlands and they must hunt down a sorcerer who wants to bring an Azathoth apocalypse down upon the Earth, as part of his ultimate devotion to Great Old One. Much as this might sound as a pretext for Highlander, the players do have a limited window for action and even as they defeat the sorcerer, their souls make a time/space jump to the next manifestation of the sorcerer/investigator conflict until a final climax. The time periods of the assorted scenarios are 887 AD in Viking-ravaged Britain; 1287 AD in feudal Japan; 1487 AD in Spain during the Inquisition; 1587 AD in the Roanoke Colony in the New World and 1887 AD in the Arizona Territory.
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