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Titre de l'ouvrage
Nouvelles Aventures dans la région d'Arkham
• Gamme
L'Appel de Cthulhu
• Illustration de couverture
Loïc Muzy
• Traduction
Denis Huneau
• Auteur (s)
Scott David Aniolowski, Brian Courte-
manche, Adam Gauntlett, Bret Kramer, Tom
Lynch,Oscar Rios
• Couverture
• Nombre de pages 208 pages
• Intérieur 1 couleur
• ISBN 978-2-917994-74-0
• Prix TTC 32 €
• Date de Sortie Janvier 2014

Miskatonic River Press, LLC, founded by the late Keith Herber, returns to Lovecraft Country.

In 1993, Keith Herber took investigators on an Adventure in Arkham Country. In 2010, seventeen years later, that adventure continues with... More Adventures in Arkham Country! Investigators will travel to Arkham and Kingsport, Foxfield (the new hotbed of mythos activity created by Keith Herber), and the loathsome, decaying town of Innsmouth! More Adventures in Arkham Country will have investigators exploring a mysterious crystal-lined cavern and an opera house under renovations to become a movie theater. They'll delve into Arkham's history concerning the witch Goodie Fowler and the past of a young swimming star being considered for the 1928 Olympics. They'll experience car trouble Lovecraft style and battle nightmares in Kingsport. Among the six terrifying investigations Miskatonic River Press is very proud to present one of the authors featured in the original Adventures in Arkham Country, Scott David Aniolowski (Malleus Monstrous, Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood) with his first published scenario in fifteen years! Welcome back to Arkham Country.
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