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Hudson & Brand: Inquiry Agents of the Obscure is the first in our ‘Safe House’ series where players of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (published by Chaosium, Inc), have a home-base for their characters to work out of. At hand, they will have resources, a gun range, a collection of monographs on various subjects, a small library, three members of staff, and property consisting of offices and lodgings in the very heart of London.

The book will also contain numerous case files written by Hudson & Brand (both of whom are now missing), NPCs, plans, scenario seeds, and an adventure. It will be edited by Jeff Moeller, and written by Robert Grayston & Stephanie McAlea. Art is by Jon Gibbons and Stephanie McAlea, along with numerous period photographs and images. This is the second Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter from Stygian Fox Publishing (The Things We Leave Behind being our first), and our third in total (the other being the fantasy gazetteer; Distant Realms).

Taking its inspirational cues from Sherlock Holmes, Ripper Street, Auguste Dupin, The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, and The Incendiary's Trail, the book takes a mature look at the horror of Mythos machinations and the many dark corners in the seat of empire.

The funds for this Kickstarter will go towards commissioning more art and the hiring more writers and creatives of quality if the book is to expand. The funds will also go on printing and distribution.

The adventure deals with squalor, dark secrets, underground gambling, and a gang of Fenians hell bent on bringing destruction to London ...but all is not as it first appears. As so often is the case, madness or death may take the Investigators and the premises of Hudson & Brand at 3 Golden Square give ample opportunity to bring new characters into the fold with a minimum of fuss. Horror stalks the land and, as such, please be aware that some of the themes are quite mature and are suitable for adult gamers only.

The Curious Case of ‘Bare Knuckle Bill’ by Robert Grayston & Stephanie McAlea sees the investigators get an earnest plea for assistance from an urchin who fears his pugilist friend, William Hawthorne, aka 'Bare Knuckle Bill', has been waylaid and may be dying in a ditch somewhere. The case soon reveals itself to be more than a mere missing person case as Fenians, Ruffians, and a mysterious woman all begin to hamper the Investigators inquiries.
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