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Fear's Sharp Little Needles is a grand collection of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition scenarios in a modern setting (easily convertible to 6th edition). They focus on the darker aspects of horror roleplaying and, as such, are recommended for a mature audience.

More inspired by True Detective and Hannibal than Pulp Horror, these adventures involved mythos corruption of the Human psyche and many feature direct contact with entities from outside space and time.

Ideally suited to one evening's play, they have been written with a compact adventure style and Keepers will need a minimum of preparation time before being able to run them. Each scenario will also have tags in the header image so they can make quick decisions on what to run and then deal with dinner, family, or relaxing before their players arrive.
1. Separation Anxiety, by Jeff Moeller. Disappearances of distinctive looking people stretching back decades leads to an “agritourism” self-pick farm in rural Ohio

2. Undertow, by Simon Brake. A reclusive, depressed author lives alone with his black dog on the Californian coast, but is tracked down by curious investigators when his new book displays knowledge of the Cthulhu Mythos

3. Sins of My Youth, by Oscar Rios. The investigators are stalked and attacked by a lunatic who seems to inexplicably know everything about them.

4. Walter’s Final Wish, by Matt Wiseman & Jennifer Thrasher. Cultist in an oldfolks home uses mythos techniques to brainwash the staff for evil ends.

5. Whose Fuel is Men and Stones, by Jason Williams. Solo adventure where investigator is a potential sacrificial target of middle-eastern cultists who wish to summon Cthugha in London.

6. Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus, by Matthew Sanderson. Out of the blue, the investigators are invited to the reading of the will of a wealthy recluse in Maine. However, none of them have ever heard of this person, but they definitely need the money.

7. The Great God Awto, by Jo Kreil. Several individuals who are working on a new concept car are killed in strange and suspicious accidents.

8. Spilsbury #9485, by Adam Gauntlett. A butchered murder victim stuffed in a steamer trunk and left on a train in 1932 keeps turning up again and again throughout the decades, and whenever it appears disaster follows as time bends, breaks, and opens up to alternate dimensions allowing the things From Beyond through.

9. Lights Out, by Joe Trier. Investigations into a teenage girl's murder reveal she had been using a ouija board to contact her dead boyfriend in the weeks before her untimely death; but who had she really been talking to?

10. Bone Deep, by Allan Goodall. A killer who makes off with his victim’s body parts leads the investigators to The Bone Collectors, a cult of Mordiggian collecting lost knowledge etched into the bones of living humans.

11. Do Not Call Up That Which You Cannot Put Down, by Brian Courtemanche. Investigators discover the Monster of Martin’s Beach, as first described by H.P. Lovecraft and Sonia Greene in their story “The Invisible Monster” (Weird Tales, November 1923 issue).

12. Hit and Run, by Tyler Hudak. The PCs get drawn into the aftermath of the hit and run death of a child; a grieving family member has turned to the Mythos for revenge.

13. Remaking the Hatteras Reef, by Andi Newton. When marine biologists scuttle an old ship in an attempt to revitalize a coral reef, an evil artifact is released to horrifying results.

14. The Sores, by Helen Gould. A strange and fatal disease is rearing its head in a rural town, with no apparent cause, cure, or obvious link between the victims.

15. Up Jumped the Reaper, by Chad Bowser. A missing person case in the North Carolina mountains is not all it seems.

16. Resurrection, by Stuart Boon. A long-dead college friend returns from the grave prompting questions and leading to a gruesome and terrifying revelation.

17. Waiting To Be Born, by Christopher Smith Adair. A network works the will of Yidhra, spreading and then horribly reincorporating genetic material in her hunger for diversification.

18. Unland, by Scott Dorward. The investigators are drawn to an abandoned amusement park, now a holy site where lies are stripped away.

19. The Focus Group, by Simon Yee. A focus group is asked backed to try out a new phone app game to give their opinion of the experience in a controlled environment; they’ll wish that they hadn’t.
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