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The Details

The game comes in an awesome box (8" x 6" or 20cm x 15cm), disguised as a book. Very appropriate for a game about libraries!
What's in the box?

5 Player Desk Boards
80 Library Cards
5 sets of Defense Cards
Scoring Cards
Rule Book

The Story

The game is a quest. An extremely dangerous quest. Dr Henry Armitage, Chief Librarian, needs you to search the perilous Restricted Collection for fragments of lore from among the grimoires, and recover pieces of a particular sigil.

It all began when, as leading scholars at Miskatonic University, you were gathered together to discuss who would be awarded the coveted position of Head of the Library Committee. Suddenly tragedy and horror struck—a monster had been unleashed, presumably by some foolish graduate student! Dr. Armitage leapt into action and asked for your help. He needs you to gather the necessary tools to banish the foul abomination.

You explore the Restricted Collection for the grimoire fragments and sigils he needs. However it is a perilous journey and you must be prepared to flee before you are driven mad! The victor is the professor who finds the most sets, while retaining a semblance of sanity. Also, look out for hapless wandering graduate students as they can aid in your defenses!
How to Play

There are five rounds in the game. Each round continues until no-one is left in the library, having left "voluntarily" or having been expelled.

Basic play consists of taking turns to select a Library Card and placing these cards face up on your player mats.

There are three types of Library Cards. Sigil Pieces, Grimoire Fragments and Graduate Students, that fit neatly into the player mat:

There are two ways to exit the library. Choosing to leave or being expelled:

Defense cards are a key part of the game:

You win by having the highest score:
Game End

The game ends when the final fifth round is played.

You then add up all the score cards they have received and the one with the highest score wins!

The winning scholar will become the head of the Library committee! And armed with the sigil pieces and grimoire fragments you collected, Dr. Armitage heads out into the night to take on the monster. He beckons you to follow him . . .
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