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Carcosa - A Lovecraftian board game of Cults and Madness
Each player leads a Lovecraftian Cult. Taking turns, their Prophet selects a tile representing a part of Carcosa and adds it to a ethereal landscape of ritual sites, ley lines, towers and domes. Players can then deploy Cultists to control a ley line, conduct a ritual or explore the districts they have summoned.

But Carcosa is no normal city:

Tiles must be stabilised with power drawn from ley lines or they may be reshaped by other cults!
New cultists may be recruited by performing the Forbidden Play at theatres you reveal!
Your cultist will be driven mad by the power they desire or sacrificed to the horrific Feaster from Beyond for even greater power!
Ritual stones will let you cast game-changing spells!

The game ends when a Cult completes the Summoning of the King Himself or when enough of Carcosa has been summoned that it becomes a permanent feature of our Earth. Only one Cult can succeed in one of these insane tasks - but in Lovecraft’s mythos, can one truly call that winning?

If you want to learn more about how Carcosa plays, you can read the rule book by following this link:

Alternatively, and for the first time for us, you can try the virtual version if you have a copy of Tabletop Simulator!
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