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The Dare - A Call of Cthulhu 1-shot, revised for 7th Edition
We are revising and expanding THE DARE, a Call of Cthulhu scenario by Kevin Ross wherein children face a terrible haunted house.

What are you? Scared!?

...You should be.

Welcome to the Kickstarter for THE DARE a scenario for The Call of Cthulhu™ role-playing game, as licensed by Chaosium. Originally written by Kevin Ross and published by Triad Entertainments in 1996, we have revised and expanded the scenario for the 7th Edition rules.

What is it about?

"Children will always be afraid of the dark." - H.P. Lovecraft

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? When in every shadow there might lurk a monster? When a nightmare might be escaped from by diving under your blankets? When the morning light brought escape from all your fears... for a little while?

In THE DARE, players take the role of a group of average kids who are forced by their neighborhood bully to spend the night in the dreadful (and haunted!) Barnaker house. This being Call of Cthulhu, there are actually things in the house far more dangerous than even the most terrified child might imagine. The kids must then work together to explore the nightmarish old Barnaker house and investigate its mysteries if they hope to survive until the morning.

Draft of cover by Ian MacLean
Draft of cover by Ian MacLean
Who will enjoy it?

Hopefully you! THE DARE is a scenario ideally suited to a single session of play - for both experienced and novice players. It can be a fun break from Cthulhian horrors your gaming group regularly faces or as an introduction to the game for newbies. We're proud that Kevin Ross has given us the opportunity to resurrect and expand on his homage to the horror of Stephen King (among other authors) and are excited to share it with a new generation.

Who are we?

Sentinel Hill Press is a small press focusing on Lovecraftian Horror with an emphasis on New England's history and folklore; we're also a Chaosium Licensee. We produce the Arkham Gazette, a magazine for the Lovecraft Country setting for The Call of Cthulhu™... and now this scenario. More stuff to come, hopefully!

THE DARE's Features

Our revised and expanded version of THE DARE includes the following features:

Greatly expanded text (about 3 times the length of the original), updated to The Call of Cthulhu™ 7th Edition rules. This includes an expanded description of the old Barnaker house, additional horrors and terrible encounters within, and advice for the Keeper in running the scenario to maximize fun.
Suggestions for how to run the scenario for players new to the game as well as for younger players - we're including notes on how to run the scenario as if it was an R-rated movie as well as PG-13 one for younger players.
10 pre-generated kid-investigators. We've set the scenario's default era to be the 1980s; it is not just a nostalgia kick (though that helps), it also serve to keep thing simple when it comes to explaining the setting while not having to worry about certain irksome modern technology.
A simplified skill set, best suited to child investigators (and as an aid to new players).
New art by Ian MacLean; at a base level we will have a color cover, 6 ¼ page black and white illustrations, and 10 investigator portraits. One stretch goal will double the interior art to 12 pieces!
New and improved maps by Richard LeDuc, included in the scenario and as a separate file for your ease of printing.
The scenario is about 20,000 words long (including pre-generated characters) and is estimated to be about 40 pages. Our goal is to get the scenario in your hands as quickly as possible. The text of the revised version has already been written and backers at the $10 level and above will get a PDF copy of the draft of the scenario IMMEDIATELY upon the close of this 10-day Kickstarter. While the finished product will likely not be ready by Halloween, you should still be able to run THE DARE while eating miniature candy bars and sipping apple cider.

I've selected stretch goals that are straightforward - no tote bags! - and won't significantly delay this project's completion. We want to get this out in your hands are rapidly as we can.
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