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Twenty new soundscapes for your Cthulhu and horror games.

Created by award winning immersive and interactive theatre/ game designer Olly Mc.

Over Eight Hours of atmospheric soundscapes and music designed to use with Cthulhu and other horror, roleplaying, board, live games or just make your life seem like a horror movie!

The Alchemist, The Beast in the Cave, The Challenge from Beyond, The Crawling Chaos, The Dreams in the Witch House, The Evil Clergyman, The Haunted House, The Horror in the Museum, In the Vault Memory, The Mysterious Ship, Old Bugs, The Rats in the Walls, The Secret Cave, The Street, The Terrible Old Man, The Tree on the Hill, Under the Pyramids, What the Moon Brings & Winged Death

Each track has been designed to give you a rich filmic environment to make each game you play a darker experience.
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