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August 1st, 1883, a Great Old One rose out of the Pacific Ocean and armies of cultists, half breeds, hybrid monstrosities and creatures built from the stuff of nightmares pulled off their disguises and prepared to herald in the coming age of their Master. Ultimately the Old One and the hordes of “Aeonists,” as they called themselves, were defeated.

Unfortunately, your kind were on the side of the Old One

You are an Aeonist, one of the Leftovers of the Apocalypse, and for the last decade you and your people have been hunted down, imprisoned, or worse. Your religious beliefs misunderstood, your people mocked and hated for their differences, and your history and your culture banned or destroyed.

The year is now 1893. The camps are closing, Aeonists are rebuilding their lives, and sunlight has returned to the fields and farms. You may choose to move closer to the Higher Powers you know are out there, or deny their existence. You may attempt to renounce your heritage, or to serve it faithfully, to avenge your people or to help rebuild civilization. The one certainty is that there is no going back.
Rulebook Cover
Rulebook Cover

The Ruleset: This is a ruleset for a Role Playing Game with complete guidelines on how to play it as a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Game, and a Table Top RPG. It is 260+ pages long, and contains

Background History and Current World
Simple Character Creation Process
Both LARP and Table Top rules mechanics
Three sets of 72 Damage Cards (printed on paper for copying and using on card stock etc. The actual decks of playing cards are sold separately)
GM Resources like Spells, Items, NPCs
A complete introductory scenario which can be played as a Table Top game or a LARP.
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