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The product contains the screen along with a sleeve dominated by the eponymous horrific train with a map of Europe at the time of the campaign, depicting the different routes of the Orient Express and three particular crossings: the Simplon Pass & tunnel, the Italian-Yugoslav border, and Thrace & the Bosphorus.

As to the screen itself, it is a two-panel affair on landscape mode. When opened, it has a height of 21,5 cm and a length of 56 (i.e. each panel is 21,5 x 28 cm). Its exterior depicts the same map, separated in the middle by the image of the train and the caption 'Un voyage Inoubliable' in French, the lingua franca of that day. In its inner side the screen contains the Indefinite Insanity Gauge, the Phases of Insanity table, the table for difficulty level determination, the Comparing Results table, the Pushing The Roll rule, Bonus and Penalty Dice, Wounds and Healing, firearm rules, the full, half and fifth values table, as well as a scenario overview of the campaign with the titles, location, timeframes, type of scenario (core or option) and the items recovered. It also contains the fighting rules for close-quarters combat, as well as a listing of the Orient Express staff by occupation, not by name.
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