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A Cold Fire Within is a campaign for Pulp Cthulhu set in 1935: the heirs to an ancient evil empire try to restore it by travelling back in time and altering the timeline.

Kristy Lin Billuni: Tell us about A Cold Fire Within.
Christopher Smith Adair: The adventure starts in 1930s New York with a missing-persons case and continues through time and space as the players uncover a globe-threatening plot.
KLB: So it’s a part of the greater game?
CSA: Yes, It’s a campaign, a continuing storyline designed to be played over months.
KLB: What sets it apart from other campaigns in the Call of Cthulhu world?
CSA: It’s an opportunity to visit some corners of Lovecraft’s worlds that are usually only hinted at in the game.
A Cold Fire Within prominently features psychic phenomena.
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