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The Lovecraft Country Holiday Collection Kickstarter

Kids growing up in Lovecraft country have rather unique childhoods. One set of six cousins growing up in Arkham, Kingsport, Innsmouth, and Dunwich know that shadows hide a darker evil, that ghosts haunt lonely fields, that monsters lurk beyond the walls of sleep, and that their hometowns aren’t like other places. They also know that whatever happens, they can face it together and do what it takes to set things right. They are sure that the light of friendship and family can cast away any shadows. But what do kids know…

Origin & Updates - If you enjoyed the holiday themed scenarios "Halloween in Dunwich" and "Christmas in Kingsport" from the old Chaosium monographs Halloween Horror and Christmas In Kingsport, then you’ll want to back this, the 11th Kickstarter from Golden Goblin Press. This campaign features two books, a roleplaying supplement (The Lovecraft Country Holiday Collection) and it's cosmic horror fiction companion (Children of Lovecraft Country).
Book One - The Lovecraft Country Holiday Collection

This 7th Edition Call of Chulhu scenario collection features six adolescent mythos investigators by Oscar Rios. Initially the adventures will be expanded versions of two holiday themed adventures updated for 7th Edition. Both of these scenarios were written very early in Oscar Rios' career, but he has wanted to update them for many years now. Each of these scenarios has been played every holiday season since their release, and remain quite popular with fans. The adventures tend to be of a lower threat level than your average Call of Cthulhu scenario, with more mystery and investigation, better suited for team of adolescent mythos investigators.

The Adventures (So far...) - The first is "Halloween in Dunwich", from the 2005 Chaosium monograph Halloween Horror, which was one of the three winners of Chaosium's Halloween Adventure Contest for that year. The second is "Christmas in Kingsport", from the 2006 monograph of the same name. While PDFs of both of these books are still being offered, physical copies are no longer being printed, difficult to acquire, and written for the 6th edition rule set.
Contains the original version of Halloween In Dunwich by Oscar Rios

Halloween in Dunwich

Halloween In Dunwich - A group of six cousins, from across Lovecraft Country, gather at the Dunwich farm of their great grandfather Silas for a family celebration. There will be a day filled with Halloween themed activities and games, followed by a night of feasting and ghost stories. However, as the midnight hour approaches, the children discover that a certain old family ghost story is quite true, as a vengeful spirit from their family's distant past rises from the grave. It falls upon our adolescent investigators to save their family and thwart the aims of their sinister foe.
Contains the original version of Christmas in Kingsport by Oscar Rios

Christmas in Kingsport

Christmas In Kingsport - Our six protagonists gather once more in the home of their Great Aunt Nora, for what they expect to be a very boring Christmas Eve. However they are rescued by their beloved older cousin Melba, a carefree flapper and black sheep of the family, who takes them on adventures undreamed of across Kingsport and Beyond the Walls of Sleep. But what begins as a magical holiday adventure soon turns into a nightmare for the cousins, as they are targeted by demons. They must solve a mystery before Christmas morning, to return peace on earth and good will towards certain members of their family.
Book Two - Children of Lovecraft Country

Children of Lovecraft Country (six short story fiction companion)

This companion book will be a collection of six cosmic horror short stories. Each tale will center on one of the six adolescent mythos investigators as they face the perils growing up in their most unusual communities. These are:

Ghosts & Monsters (Kingsport) by Peter Rawlik - Donald Sutton has a secret: his imaginary friend Simon isn’t imaginary at all. Simon is just one of many ghosts that haunting Kingsport that Donald is somehow able to see. When the ghosts of Kingsport begin vanishing from their haunts, Donald discovers them trapped in the most unusual places. When Simon himself vanishes, Donald must work to free him, and accept help from a frightening source, with terrifying consequences.

Witchlights (Dunwich) by Christine Morgan - Down in the woods, down in the hollow, pale and eerie lights appear. Nothing to worry about, Dunwichers say. Nothing to fear… Fireflies… Marsh gas... Foxfire... That's all. But, if there's nothing to fear, why do people warn their children to stay away? Why do those who ignore such warnings sometimes go missing? Little Gerdie Pope may only be ten, but she is determined to find out.

Dreams of Dunwich (Dunwich) by Glynn Owen Barrass - A child of farming stock, Gordon Brewster lives a simple life, though life in Dunwich is often very far from simple. Darkness hangs over the decaying hamlet, something which spreads its insidious tentacles towards every soul in the vicinity… especially the innocent. Gordon has witnessed some of the worst terrors Dunwich has to offer, seen friends kidnapped and lost forever to the vile practice of cannibalism. If only those Dunwich Horrors were truly over. If only the nightmares that plagued him weren’t the harbingers of further doom.

Blood and the Deep Blue Sea (Innsmouth) by Oscar Rios - Alice Sanders has a lot of questions in her life, mostly about the father she never got to meet. These are all questions her family just won't answer until she's "older". But time moves slowly for a thirteen year old girl who's in a hurry to grow up. Then, one chaotic and bloody afternoon in Innsmouth, everything suddenly changes.

George Weedon and The Mystery of Emily Keane (Arkham) by Lee Clark Zumpe - According to authorities, little Emily Keane fell down a well one autumn afternoon, never to be seen again. On the fifth anniversary of her disappearance, George Weedon and a ragtag group of plucky Arkham kids try to find out what really happened to the girl. Their investigation takes them to some of the city’s most feared locales and reveals a centuries-old secret.

Luck be With You (Arkham) by Brian M. Sammons - Edward Derby is not your average 12-year-old boy. Inquisitive and wise beyond his tender years, he started reading shorty after walking, has mastered Latin, and notices things others don't (or choose to ignore). When he notices someone scribbling strange symbols across Arkham in places where soon after a mysterious death occurs, his curiosity is piqued. To prevent more such deaths Edward reluctantly takes it upon his slim shoulders the solve this mystery.
The Lovecraft Country Cousins

These six children, ages 11 - 13, are from a large extended family and are related loosely through blood or marriage. Some of the links are broad and tenuous, but since the children are all close in age, they are told they are cousins (while some may be 2nd or even 3rd cousins, once or twice removed). They come from the cities of Arkham and Kingsport, the rural community of Dunwich, and the town of Innsmouth. They only see each other on special occasions (like family gatherings) due to the long distances most live from one another. Despite this, all six are quite close, sneaking off together to share adventures, solve mysteries, and face the horrors that lurk beyond the thin veil of normalcy which hangs over all of Lovecraft Country.
Donald Sutton of Kingsport

Donald Sutton (age 11) - The only son of Kingsport artists and gallery owners, Donald is never without a sketchpad. His art has a unique perspective, as he is a rather sensitive child, able to pick up on this most others can't. One of those things is Simon, the ghost of a nine year old boy who was killed by a carriage just before the Civil War broke out. Simon tries to be helpful, and the two children (one living, the other dead) are fast friends. Donald tries not to get caught chatting with Simon, but sometimes people notice. Donald claims that Simon is his imaginary friend, but in a Kingsport, ghosts like him are all too real.
Gertrude "Gerdie" Constance Pope of Dunwich

Gertrude "Gerdie"Constance Pope (age 11) - This girl, with strange white hair and ice blue eyes, bounces between a number of relatives in Dunwich. Her parents are long gone but Gerdie is well cared for, despite her wanderings across the rolling hills of Dunwich. Gerdie gets confused sometimes, about what year it is. her name, or exactly who she is. She knows things too, things she can't possibly know, but she does. She's used this "gift" (which often manifests in people with her hair and eye color in Dunwich) to help folks in the past so everyone just accept it by now. Her oddness is only surpassed by her sweet nature and kindness.

Gordon Brewster of Dunwich

Gordon Brewster (age 12) - This sturdy Dunwich farm boy is no stranger to a day's hard work. He likes to do odd jobs, like cutting fire wood or mending fences, at his neighbors farms after his chores are done, to earn extra money. He's industrious, honest, steadfast, and tries his best to be brave. He's seen things traveling around the hills of Dunwich, strange things, things he's love to forget but know that he needs to remember. In Dunwich sometimes livestock goes missing, taken by something other than a fox or hawk, taken by something dark and inhuman. Unfortunately, he knows firsthand than sometimes people go missing for the same reason.

Edward Derby of Arkham

Edward Derby (age 12) - This studious and intelligent boy lives just off campus from Miskatonic University, where his stepfather is an associate professor in the School of Antiquities. He learned how to read just after he learned how to walk and is never without a book of some sort. Raised in academic circles, his interests are many and varied, including ancient history, astronomy, physics, and just for fun, the strange occult history of Arkham and its surrounding communities. He knows that all of these things are connected, somehow. His father, who died under strange circumstances, left him several strange books which he's not supposed to know about, but he's already found and read each one.

George Weedon of Arkham

George Weedon (age 13) - Handsome, physically fit, gifted at sports, and popular in school, he's the sort of boy people want to dislike but just can't bring themselves to. He's has a moral code that makes him detest bullies and he leaps to the defense of those in need of protection. While a good kid at heart, he has no problem getting into a scrape for the right reasons, and is very protective of his friends and family. While he enjoys playing hockey and football, and plans on making the Badgers (the Miskatonic University teams) what he really wants to do is play professional baseball when he grows up. If that doesn't work out he's thinking of becoming a police officer, but his parents pushing him to study law.

Alice Sanders of Innsmouth

Alice Sanders (age 13) - Unlike the other cousins, Alice was born in New York and was brought to Massachusetts at age six with her mother by her father's younger sister, her Aunt Margie. She never knew her father, and has been told that he's passed on, and doesn't have a good relationship with her mother, as she drinks too much. Of a sturdy, stocky build, with a keen mind and a bit of a devious streak, she is often the mastermind of mischief with the cousins. As the oldest of the cousins (by about five months), she is very protective of them. While she has friends in Innsmouth, blood is a sacred bond (or so she's been told by Aunt Margie). She has a bit of a temper, and when it's up, her New York accent spills out.

The Cousins, Pre-Generated Investigators - Newly updated 7th edition pre-generated investigators are included with this collection. They have been carefully constructed to reflect their ages (pre-teen / early teens), and have detailed backgrounds. Players will be able to step into the roles of the cousins and dive right into the investigations into the unknown across Lovecraft's four most Iconic locations.

The Best Friends Forever Backer Level - Backers at this level will have a special place in this collection, as the best friend of one of these six cousins, in addition to a wide array of other rewards. Each backer will get a questionnaire and will be asked to send in a childhood photo. From these a brand new adolescent pre-generated investigator will be created, complete with color illustrated head shot, and included in a special section of The Lovecraft Country Holiday collection. Only six of these are available, with the selection of best friends being issued on a first come first served basis.
Stretch Goals

As always we have many stretch goals planned. They include:

Expanded art and maps.
A full color interior.
Full color illustrations in The Lovecraft Country Holiday Collection.
Title page illustrations to Children of Lovecraft Country.
An extended family tree for the Lovecraft Country Cousins.
Alternate pre-generated versions of the cousins as young adults (roughly ten years later) for standard 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu.
Alternate pre-generated versions of the cousins as young adults (roughly ten years later) for Pulp Cthulhu.
Project Bookmarks.

...But we are most excited with our plans to expand The Lovecraft Country Holiday Collection to a full four scenarios, with the adventures "Easter in Arkham", and "Innsmouth Independence Day".
Two Additional Original Scenarios!!!

Easter In Arkham - In the city of Arkham, the cousins gather for an Easter egg hunt on the quad of Miskatonic University. The cousins fall into a mystery when recently departed pets begin returning to their owners, but changed, tainted, and unstable. As tensions mount over reports of a strange new disease affecting the pets of Arkham, drastic measures are proposed to protect public health. The cousins must work fast to get to stop these unholy resurrections as the barriers between life and death blur. Unless successful, every pet in the city is destroyed, and an even larger tragedy will befall witch-haunted Arkham. Arkham's only hope are our six intrepid cousins. Can they get to the bottom of things before it's too late?
Easter in Arkham - A stretch goal scenario that starts with an Easter Egg Hunt on the Quad of Miskatonic University

"Innsmouth Independence Day" - At a good old fashion New England Seafood Boil, on a beach in Innsmouth, the cousins gather to celebrate the 4th of July. However, young Alice has a plan and needs her cousins' help. She asks them to help her break into her great grandmother's abandoned mansion to look for the family's genealogy records. She wants proof that her ancestors worked as privateers for the Continental Navy, so she can apply for membership in the prestigious Daughters of the American Revolution. However, for some reason her family has forbidden her from exploring the family's history. The cousins soon stumble onto dark secrets and are faced with difficult choices in the shadows of the decaying seaside town.
Innsmouth Independence Day - A stretch goal scenario that begins with a day on the beach and a New England seafood bo
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