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Dear Great Cthulhu, PLEASE Stop Giving Me Superpowers! is a tabletop roleplaying game about the poor, unfortunate human beings chosen as Heralds by the Great Old Ones.

Problem 1: Being a Herald of something unpronounceable and horrendously alien comes with supernatural abilities.
Problem 2: The Great Old Ones are rather fuzzy on the finer points of human biology, psychology, and the laws of physics, so the powers that They hand out are less super and more viciously inconvenient.
Problem 3: The poor Heralds never asked for this.

What sorts of supernatural abilities are we talking about? The ability to sweat frosty bees from your pores. Dig poisonous static from your tentacles. Weep fungal slime from your teeth. Any one of these powers would make life difficult, especially as not all of them can be controlled, and some come with problematic side effects like only working during the day or slowly turning your flesh into crystal. But one power isn't the problem.

No, the problem is that you keep getting more superpowers. Your body mutates as time passes, growing new alien appendages and stranger supernatural talents. It makes life inconvenient, to say the least.

Funded on Kickstarter as part of Zinequest 3, DGC is powered by the Belonging Outside Belonging engine created by Avery Alder. The book contains everything you need to play, including 5 Herald Playbooks, 5 World Playbooks, a community development worksheet, and rules for generating strange, inconvenient superpowers
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