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This complete tarot contains 78 illustrated cards including 22 major and 56 minor arcana. Each card will be composed of an illustration and its name in english, with as reference the divinatory Tarot of Marseille. You will find a more detailed presentation of the cards in the ARCANA section of this page.

The format chosen for this tarot inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos (3.35" x 6.50" | 85×165 mm) is much larger than the usual divinatory tarot decks, including the Tarot of Marseille. This format is close to one of the oldest tarot decks, the "Visconti-Sforza" created by the artist Bonifacio Bembo between 1428 and 1447.

Given the large size of the cards, we have chosen a rather important weight (315 gr) which combines flexibility and rigidity. The R'lyeh edition silkscreen deck is printed on an OldMill Avorio paper (350 gr), which has a light cream tint, with a black silkscreen ink which allows a very deep rendering.

All decks will be delivered with a 64-page booklet (2,95" x 5,90" | 75x150 mm), printed in black and white (32 pages in English, 32 pages in French) that will help you with the interpretation of each card.

The Miskatonic and R'lyeh pledge tiers will also include Kickstarter exclusive components:

160-page softcover book,
A black cotton drawstring bag (6.1" x 8.2" | 15,5x21 cm) with a red silkscreen print to store your deck,
A magnetic box with hot stamping metal print,
14 Fine Arts, printed in color on fine paper (6.1" x 8.2" | 26x14 cm),
4 enamel Pins (size: 4,5 cm | 1.77"), featuring the 4 emblems of our Minor Arcana,
A limited edition of a 79-cards silk-screen printed deck (only in the R'lyeh edition).

The softcover book is bigger and larger (4.8" x 6.2" | 12,2x15,7 cm) than the booklet included with the Deck. Its content is also very different: the whole story of Isaac Jefferson's researches, interpretive poems, the iconography of each card fully explained as well as their links with the Myth. The book interior design is inspired from ancient books, illustrated with engravings and printed in two colors, black and a red pantone.

The soft-covered book will be available in English and French. You will be able select the language in the Pledge Manager after the campaign.
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