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Cthulhu Awakens brings cosmic horror and the Cthulhu Mythos from the unimaginable past, through the 1920s, and into the 21st Century, in a complete roleplaying game powered by AGE: the Adventure Game Engine.
We're at the edge of apocalypse.

The Weird Century started in the 1920s and ends now. That’s when the entities of the Mythos—alien remnants of the colonization wars, para-human underground civilizations, and restless gods—began to stir, as we liberated the secrets of chemistry, atomic power, genetics, and digital information. That’s when more Yithians came, operating stolen bodies to engineer history to their liking. That’s when Dagon worship moved from seaside villages to self-help paperbacks, endlessly hawked on television, then the Web. That’s when your forebears dared to investigate the rising strangeness, cutting through the lies spread by cults and power brokers. Follow their footsteps across the decades.
Anyone can hold back the shadows.

In Cthulhu Awakens, the “canon” is a lie hinting at the truth: the forces of the Mythos, from its dead dreaming gods to its alien colonizers, have been hidden by a veil of fiction and bias, in tales told to protect the guilty. Aliens care nothing about our social distinctions, but the powerful have often harnessed eldritch forces for themselves, while blaming the oppressed for the evil unleashed upon the world. In Cthulhu Awakens, anyone can raise a torch against the night, and every tradition has its occult lore.
From secret places and unseen dimensions...
Your pledge is already better! 10 new eldritch workings, 2 adventures, Modern AGE Core book and Modern AGE Companion PDFs!
Roleplaying across the Weird Century, Powered by AGE.

The Cthulhu Awakens RPG is already designed, written, and heading into editing. There will be additional design work needed for unlocked stretch goals, and a large amount of art still to be commissioned, but the core of the game is manuscript complete.
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