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A Time To Harvest

le 10.04.2017
à 13:45

Y en a t'il parmi vous qui ont tenté l'expérience de Chaosium et son "Cult Of Chaos", notamment avec la campagne "gratuite" A Time To Harvest???
Si oui, qu'en avez-vous pensé??

le 13.07.2017
à 13:43


le 09.08.2017
à 22:44

Voici ce que propose Chaosium dans le cadre de conventions... et ça a l'air pas mal :
"Free scenario PDFs for you to run!

These scenarios are available right now, by asking Chaosium for a copy to run at a convention. They are due to be released to the Cult of Chaos Library at the end of September. Read the following scenario descriptions to see what we have on offer for our Keepers to run this year:

What's in the Cellar? - Arthur Blackwood's wife has disappeared while on vacation. Can you solve the mystery or is he truly guilty? This mystery set in the classic H.P. Lovecraft 1930's.(1 hr; 4 players)

Necropolis - A stone slab shifts unexpectedly, trapping the investigators in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Only then do you discover you aren't down here alone. Set in the classic H.P. Lovecraft 1930's. (2 hrs; 6 players or play as 1 hr; 4 players)

The Dreaming Ward - Paid $5 a night for a three-night dream study, you are under the care of a university hospital. What could possibly go wrong? Set in the classic H.P. Lovecraft 1930s. (4 hrs; 6 players)

Camp Sunny - College students take an off-season vacation staying in cabins on the Great Lakes. Time to relax, enjoy the wilds, interact with the locals. Set in Modern Day. (4 hrs; 6 players) -- Exclusive to conventions Chaosium is attending!"

De quoi donner de bonnes idées !!!

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