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The Arkham Gazette KickStarter

le 08.12.2014
à 10:38

The Arkham Gazette est un excellent magazine (en anglais) sur la région d'Arkham.
Un KickStarter a été lancé permetant d'acquérir les pdf des 3 premiers numéros (+ bonus) pour $20 / 16€

Le numéro 0 (51 pages de background et scénario) est lisible gratuitement ici:
The Arkham Gazette is a magazine for the Lovecraft Country setting of the Call of Cthulhu RPG. We are raising funds for our next issue.

The Arkham Gazette is a magazine dedicated to exploring the Lovecraft Country setting for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game (published by Chaosium Inc.). Since August of 2013, we have released three issues on various topics: #0 the Aylesbury Pike, #1 Arkham, & #2 Innsmouth. We are currently finishing up issue #3, which focuses on Witches and Witchcraft in Lovecraft Country.

The Arkham Gazette is now a Chaosium licensed publication and, as such, we would like to pay our contributors for their work on this issue. We're launching this Kickstarter to do just that, offering PDF copies of our earlier issues as well as issue #3. Our plan is to have issue #3 ready on or about January 1st with revised versions of issues 1 & 2 released soon after.

le 08.12.2014
à 10:38


Sommaire du #3:
Building a Better Witch - Tips of developing witch adversaries in your campaign, by Tyler Hudak.

Colonial Folk Magic - Just because there were no witches, at least a people like Cotton Mather imagined them, doesn't mean that no one was casting spells in New England; a look at the rituals and spells that common people employed.

Gods of the Witches- What Mythos god or gods might Lovecraftian witches worshiped? By what names do they know these beings? What does that tell us about the origin of their witchcraft? How would a Yog-Sothoth worshiping witch differ from one worshiping Nyogtha?

Goody Fowler- Daniel Harms provides this pseudo-historical article from Historical Sketches of Old Arkham all about this alleged witch, hanged by a mob in 1704. This piece has been prepared as a handout by Dean Engelhardt.

Ibn Schacabao - The mysterious Arab writer (famously quoted in the Necronomicon - "...happy the town at night whose wizards are all ashes...") is profiled by Mike Daumen.

Marked by the Devil - Graeme Price explores the topic of witch marks from a medical and gaming angle.

New England's Alchemists- Witchcraft wasn't the only magic being practiced in New England. This short article provides an introduction to the region's historical alchemists - men at the highest levels of society. You didn't think that Joseph Curwen and his friends were the only ones, did you?

Notes Regarding the Unpeopled Island- Our second prop document, also laid out by Dean Engelhardt; this time we provide the research notes, written by Chris Jarocha-Ernst, of a now-missing Miskatonic University student who took a dangerous interest in that ill-rumored islet in the Miskatonic River.

Of Evill Sorceries Done in New-England of Daemons in No Human Shape- A description of a Colonial-era pamphlet denouncing the alleged witch Richard Billington.

Rat-things and other Familiars - Chris Huth presents everything you didn't want to know about these human-faced rodent horrors and their nightmare brethren.

Touched by the Fairies - Christopher Smith Adair reveals the secret connection between witches and ghouls hinted at by Richard Upton Pickman.

Witches' Hollow- A new location just outside of Arkham, inspired by the short story of the same name by August Derleth.

The Queen of Night- An old Arkham family bears a taint dating from the time of the witch trials. Can you stop the ancient evil from overtaking a new generation? A scenario by Chris Huth.

There are also summaries discussing both the real-world history of witchcraft in New England as well as the fictional witches from Lovecraft and previous Call of Cthulhu RPG material. As with our previous issues, we will include an annotated list of scenarios dealing this issue's topic.

le 15.12.2014
à 18:50

merci beaucoup pour l'info, le numéro 0 a l'air trés bien !
j'ai kickstarté !


le 15.12.2014
à 23:43

Et les stretch goals ont été atteint donc on aura également:
A PDF Bonus pack by Dean Engelhardt (of Cthulhu Reborn) will be released to all backers at Citizen of Arkham level and above The pack includes the mastheads of the newspapers of Lovecraft Country - the Arkham Gazette, the Arkham Transcript, the Kingsport Chronicle, the Innsmouth Courier, the Aylesbury Transcript, and the Bolton Republican.

The autopsy of Walter Gilman; a prop document from the pen of Graeme Price

The Wizard of Kingsport: Kevin Ross (Kingsport: City in the Mists, Escape from Innsmouth) will provide a short (c. 7500 word) scenario for backers about a notorious and mysterious figure from Kingsport's witch-haunted past.

le 28.12.2014
à 10:18

Fin du KS ce mardi 30 à 6h du mat.

Offert en + depuis le précédent message:
Additional PDFs from Dean Engelhardt; improved handouts for issues #1 & 2 and perhaps other pseudo-historical documents.

The 'Witch' Seminar - a Miskatonic University professor has been offering a special course on comparative religion... uncovering certain dangerous secrets.

What Lies Between the Library Walls? - a Scenario by Alex Moore, set at Miskatonic University.

le 29.12.2014
à 19:37

Nouveau palier atteint: le futur #4 sera offert également :-)

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