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Eight articles detailing dangerous artifacts, mythos tomes, and heroic investigators:
The Golden Goblin by Geoff Gillan—A mysterious statue with a dark side.
The Walshes: A Cthulhu Cult by Daniel Harms—The most dangerous rumrunners your investigators will ever meet.
Massa Di Requiem Per Shuggay: A History of the Devil's Opera by Scott David Aniolowski—Learn the secret history of this infamous alien opera.
Johnny Came Marching Home: Mechanics for Playing a Military Veteran by Oscar Rios—Flesh out your Great War veteran's back story like never before.
Dweller in Darkness by Tyler Hudak—A look into the tomes, minions and worshippers of a sinister Great Old One
The Knjiga Mrtva (or Book of the Dead) by Eckhard Huelshoff—A new mythos tome, the journal of a Serbian vampire hunter.
The Silks of Irem by Tom Lynch—A dangerous artifact taken from the corpse of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred.
Raggedy Clothes and Worn Out Shoes: A Look at The American Hobo by Oscar Rios—Learn why the iconic American figure just might be the ideal mythos investigator.
Five frightening scenarios:
Consumption by Brian M. Sammons—The investigators stumble upon a dying woman outside of Arkham, leading them into a conflict with a secretive fellowship possessing unholy appetites.
Let the Children Come to Me by Mark Shireman—Missing children and ancient legends lead investigators to horrific crimes and nightmarish monsters on the outskirts of Aylesbury (For mature audiences)
The Lonely Point Lighthouse by Oscar Rios—The investigators are hired to debunk claims that a lighthouse off the coast of New London, Connecticut is haunted, but soon learn there is much more going on at Lonely Point.
With Blue Uncertain Stumbling by Jeff Moeller—The investigators travels to Key West, Florida to look into a mysterious wedding reception photo showing what appears to be a ghost of a strange woman reflected in a mirror.
Darkness Illuminated by Jon Hook—Something odd is going on at St. Lucy's School for the Blind in Arkham, where a new doctor is performing experimental treatment, with promising results, but unexpected side effects.

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Island of Ignorance - The Third Cthulhu Companion contains four articles, a collection of pre-generated investigators, and three scenarios. Additional articles, scenarios, and art will be added as we achieve stretch goals.

Golden Goblin Press has gathered a very talented group of artists for Islands of Ignorance - The Third Cthulhu Companion. Cover and interior illustrations by Reuben Dodd, maps by Alyssa Faden, digital art by Jessica Fisher and layout by Badger McInnes.


The Golden Goblin by Geoff Gillan - Golden Goblin Press, the fictional creation of R.E. Howard, was named after a small Native American figurine. What is this strange object? What does it represent and what powers does it possess? At long last, these questions will be answered.

Meet the Walsh Family by Dan Harms – The Walsh Brothers have a reputation as being some of the best rum-runners in all of New England. They are heavily armed and widely feared. Meet the Walsh Family, a small, yet deadly, Cthulhu cult!

Requiem for Shaggaiby Scott David Aniolowski – In 1768, an opera about alien beings fleeing a dying world was written. Soon after it was banned by the Pope, all known copies were destroyed, and its composer put to death as a heretic. Learn the full history of the Massa di Requiem per Shuggay as told by the author who originally created it!

When Johnny Came Marching Homeby Oscar Rios – This article provides a structured, well-balanced framework for creating investigators who are also veterans of the Great War. There are rules to reflect military training, combat experience, economic hardships, and the detrimental effects warfare had on both the bodies and the souls of Great War Veterans.

Heroes and Heroines of the Lovecraft Country – These eighteen pre-generated investigators have been portrayed by hundreds of players at conventions. Each is a well-rounded, combat-tested, ready-to-play investigator. Also included is a quick checklist of typical investigator equipment and a point system which uses the investigators Credit Rating score. Finally, each has a unique investigator portrait supplied by YOU (see Female / Male Investigator Levels).


Consumption by Brian M. Sammons – The investigators are drawn into a nightmarish sequel to an H. P. Lovecraft story. In Arkham, there are horrors that have nothing to do with ghouls, ghosts, or witches; there are monsters are all the more frightening because of their humanity. It all begins one misty night, on a lonely stretch of road between Dunwich and Arkham, with a horrible discovery. Madness, murder, and mayhem are sure to follow.

Let the Children Come to Me by Mark Shireman – Poor children, workers at a textile mill, are disappearing under mysterious circumstances in Aylesbury, Massachusetts.The children reappear after a few days, each perfectly fine and claiming that nothing happened. Investigators will be challenged to the edge of sanity as they examine whether the horrors of the Mythos are worse than the evils which mankind can inflict upon itself.

The Lonely Point Lighthouse by Oscar Rios – The investigators are hired to debunk rumors of a haunting in New London, Connecticut. The last two keepers at the lighthouse on the tiny offshore island of Lonely Point both quit after hearing strange sounds inside the lighthouse. Before that, the reclusive, but well-respected, Fitch family lived there for twenty years without incident. The investigators are dropped off on Lonely Point with supplies for three days. Can they unravel the mystery as a violent nor'easter rages along the Connecticut coastline?

Les scénars

The Owlglass

The Owlglass is a bonus scenario for anyone who pledged $35 dollars or more on Kickstarter to the Island of Ignorance, by Golden Goblin Press. There were 325 backers, but only 191 people pledged high enough to receive this, making The Owlglass a rare adventure indeed. Of course, as it's PDF only and there are no physical copies, I'm sure some of the people who have a copy of this will end up spreading it around the net. Still, for right now, The Owlglass is a cute little collectible and a nice thank you from Golden Goblin press. I do hope the adventure is eventually released to the general public though, as I hate Kickstarter and convention exclusives, especially if an exclusive is good enough that it should be shared with everyone. The good news is Island of Ignorance is currently available to everyone (sans The Owlglass). I reviewed it back in October and I feel it's the best overall Call of Cthulhu release this year. Definitely pick it up if you have the chance.


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