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The Owlglass is a bonus scenario for anyone who pledged $35 dollars or more on Kickstarter to the Island of Ignorance, by Golden Goblin Press. There were 325 backers, but only 191 people pledged high enough to receive this, making The Owlglass a rare adventure indeed. Of course, as it's PDF only and there are no physical copies, I'm sure some of the people who have a copy of this will end up spreading it around the net. Still, for right now, The Owlglass is a cute little collectible and a nice thank you from Golden Goblin press. I do hope the adventure is eventually released to the general public though, as I hate Kickstarter and convention exclusives, especially if an exclusive is good enough that it should be shared with everyone. The good news is Island of Ignorance is currently available to everyone (sans The Owlglass). I reviewed it back in October and I feel it's the best overall Call of Cthulhu release this year. Definitely pick it up if you have the chance.
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