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A Lender Be


C100 [Adventure]
You were so enamored of books that your goal was to be a librarian like your mentor TUKOR. He set you a task: You must discover 2 TOMES in different languages, and within them 2 SPELLS with different icons. You had to travel to 3 different GREAT LIBRARY OF THE DREAMLANDS cards, but in the end you succeeded.
When you play this card you may move your Spells among legal Tomes and Allies who can know a Spell.

A Midsummer Night's Dream


R105 [Adventure]
When THE CHILDREN HAVE SWEET DREAMS, you are finally able to rest. Falling asleep, you leave your Waking World HOUSE behind and find yourself wandering through the GATE OF DEEPER SLUMBER and into the CAVERN OF FLAME. Then the NIGHTMARE strikes! You wake to find yourself at a Waking World SITE! How did you get here? And what's that you're holding?
If you are in the Waking World when this card is played, you may also play one Dreamlands Artifact or Tome.

Accouterments of Heroes

Affects Combat

U033 [Artifact]
This Artifact has constant effect. Ignore the bonus values of Weapons in Directed Threats opposing, and held by Allies Assaulting, your Investigator.
Anson Maddocks


Affects All Investigators

C003 [Event]
Bury all Star Events in play. While in play, the Spell capacity of Tomes increases by one. These extra Spells remain if this card is Buried.
Dennis Detwiller


Affects Opponent's Tome

U154 [Spell]
Choose a Spell in target Tome and Flip it face-down.
Justin Hampton

Angry Zoogs

Affects Opponent's Investigator

C002 [Event]
Investigator with the highest Sanity (high Education if tied) must either Bury all Allies in play lacking the Dreamer attribute or spend 3 points of Sanity to keep them all in play.
Mark Ferrari

Armed and Clueless


R104 [Adventure]
You first came across it in the old RUINS. What is this ENCHANTED WEAPON, and how does it work? You knew the ancient DREAMER could figure it out, but how to find him? You travelled to a LOCATION in the EAST, and then a LOCATION in the WEST, and finally found him in an EXOTIC LOCATION.

Atal the High Priest

Steadfast Priest. Knows English & Latin

U118 [Ally]
You may Bury Atal the High Priest instead of paying the Sanity cost for casting a Spell.
Michael Kimble

Barrier of Seol Seril

Affects All Threats

C159 [Spell]
This Spell may be cast during Combat only. No Monsters in any Threat Bypass Combat.
Sam Shirley

Barzai the Wise

Steadfast Occultist. Knows English

R123 [Ally]
Can know any two Dream icon Spells; can know any one Spell otherwise. Bury Spell after it is cast.
Alan M. Clarke

Basalt Pillars of the West

Island, Site

C045 [Location]
You may walk to Splendid Cathuria, the Far Side of the Moon, or any Space Location.
Michael Kimble

Basil Elton

Steadfast Dreamer. Knows English

C122 [Ally]
You may use any Travel by Sea Event to travel within the same Region.
Roger Raupp



R176 [Monster]
When revealed, Flip all of opponent's Defending Allies whose current value is an odd number. Basilisks Bypass Combat with opponent's Threats.
Mark Ferrari


Affects Opponent's Investigator

C001 [Event]
Fear of things falling off buildings and hitting you. 1 point of Sanity at the beginning of each Turn that your Current Location features the City attribute.

Stephen King

Battle Axe

Affects Ally's Value

R032 [Artifact]
Add 3 points to Ally's value; Ally is now Steadfast.
Thomas Garrett Adams

Beast in the Cataract

Affects All Investigators

R006 [Event]
Add 1 point to the cost of casting any Spell. This card is immune to the effects of any Star Event. Bury this card at the end of the Round.
Michael Kimble

Being of Ib


C175 [Monster]
When revealed, add 1 point to the value of this card for each Ally opponent has committed to defend against the Being of Ib. Joins Beings of Ib.
Mark Ferrari


Affects One Opponent's Allies

R005 [Event]
A random Corrupt Ally immediately attacks the other Allies. Opponent chooses how to absorb this damage. Opponent's Investigator is not attacked and loses no Sanity. Bury target Corrupt Ally.
John Snyder

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


C103 [Adventure]
All your life you thought magic a child's myth, but now you know the magnificent truth! To begin you journey to a distant EXOTIC LOCATION - first TRAVEL BY LAND, and then TRAVEL BY AIR. Once there, with the proper STAR in the sky, you take out the ancient TOME and chant the SPELL found within. You perform the magical rites of inititiation, and now may call yourself a PRIEST of the eternal powers.

Black Galley

Affects Opponent's Ally

R004 [Event]
Target player must choose either to Bury a Corrupt Ally or Discard a Steadfast Ally.
Randy Asplund-Faith


Affects All Investigators

C009 [Event]
No Travel by Land Events may be played while this card is in play. Bury this card if any Day or Night Event is played. Does not affect Travel Events in play.
Stephen King

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