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New Aeon

Yuggoth Attacks!

..::New Aeon::..

R093 [Adventure]
Like a SWARM OF INSECTS your hunting party of at least TWO different MI-GO landed near the naked ape settlement (TOWN or VILLAGE). The apes and their FAITHFUL HOUNDS put up a SIRIUS fight at the CHURCH, but were no match for your blazing rayguns (ENCHANTED WEAPON). The ape you captured, whose mind is now trapped in you MI-GO BRAINCASE, faces his worst NIGHTMARE and will fetch a high price back on YUGGOTH!

With Neighbors Like These...

..::New Aeon::..

C094 [Adventure]
You saw trouble coming when those folk moved into the House next door, from some odd COUNTRY LOCATION. The TELEVISION constantly blares, the eldest kid sawed through your fence with a CHAINSAW, and the young one built a homemade FRAGMENTATION GRENADE. The parents are nothing but T.V. ZOMBIES. You asked for a POLICE INVESTIGATION but when the husband found out he got his gun and began GOING POSTAL. Now, you learn that a GOVERNMENT agency is investigating you!

Day the Sun Stood Still

..::New Aeon::..

C170 [Adventure]
The world can change in the BLINK OF AN EYE, especially with help from someone like you. A premonition alerted you to an UNEXPECTED ECLIPSE, visible only from THREE different COUNTRY LOCATIONS. You have long awaited this moment! Searching through the ZANTHU TABLETS you learn how to CALL THE UNNAMED ONE to loose Ye Liveliest Awfullness (a MONSTER) upon the rest of the world.

Camp Bright Star

..::New Aeon::..

C171 [Adventure]
It was exciting to drive through the COUNTRY to Camp Bright Star near the lake (a different COUNTRY/WATER LOCATION). We swam most of the day. That NIGHT we clustered around the fire, listening to ole' Zeke paint a DISTURBING PORTRAIT of a crazed SCIENTIST suffering from a PHOBIA and a PHILIA, who killed a girl at a nearby SITE. After, we can sneak into the old CEMETERY and find her grave. Hey, maybe we'll even see a MONSTER!

Ashes, Ashes, Azathoth

..::New Aeon::..

U172 [Adventure]
MONSTERS (two) have overrun the city. Through the sight of your WEAPON you see a BUSINESS and MUSEUM lying in RUINS, and an Army TANK lies broken and useless. You're on your own. You grab the cold metal of your TACTICAL NUCLEAR BOMB, and take careful aim at the CORRUPT CULTIST summoning his evil lord (a GREAT OLD ONE or OUTER GOD). You know that you are too close to survive yourself, but only you can end this madness.

Look to the Future

..::New Aeon::..

C173 [Adventure]
Deep within the SMUGGLER'S TUNNELS a madman (CORRUPT ALLY) shatters the bonds of Time with new discovery - a crude TIME MACHINE. A wondrous future awaits exploitation! After MUGGING a guard, he breaks into TWO GOVERNMENT ARTIFACT LOCATIONS where he discovers bizarre machines (TWO NEW AEON ARTIFACTS) and a NEW AEON ALLY who may well be his descendent.

Different Worlds

..::New Aeon::..

C174 [Adventure]
In college you discovered dark secrets about the world. You must tell the rest of humanity! Refurbishing a RUINS, you found your own publishing company (CHAOSIUM), along with TWO ALLIES who are either AUTHORS, INVENTORS, or ARTISTS. Working on your LAPTOP COMPUTER, you publish at least one TOME per month, now on sale both on the INTERNET and at a BUSINESS LOCATION.


..::New Aeon::..

C175 [Adventure]
On vacation at long last, you head upriver through the rugged countryside of TWO CATSKILLS LOCATIONS with your friend, a DREAMER. Then, things go horribly wrong. Your craft capsizes and you are captured by a SERIAL KILLER, who makes you do unspeakable things, giving you a PHOBIA. He takes you to his hideaway SITE where you are enthralled by the banjo playing of his younger cousin, a MUSICIAN. Finally you grab his WEAPON and make good your escape.

One Small Step

..::New Aeon::..

U176 [Adventure]
By the turn of the millennium our space agencies (KENNEDY SPACE CENTER or EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY) began exploring the cosmos (SHUTTLE ICARUS and TWO different SPACE LOCATIONS). But even the PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS could not predict what we found. There are races of MONSTERS (two Greater and two Lesser) inhabiting those nether reaches, ruled by their monstrous dark lords (a GREAT OLD ONE or OUTER GOD). Is there, then, any future for humankind?

Night at the Opera

..::New Aeon::..

C177 [Adventure]
While on vacation at the GIULIO CESARE HOTEL, a friend (ALLY that knows Italian) invited you to the opera that NIGHT. A STORM broke at dusk, just when were to meet at the ROME LOCATION near the MUSEUM. Fortunately, you love walking in the rain (HYDROPHILIA), though a MONSTER you imagined in the shadows gave you quite a start. Finally, you made it and had a delightful time enjoying the MASSA DI REQUIEM PER SHUGGAY.

Make Them Pay!

..::New Aeon::..

C178 [Adventure]
Life stinks! Up before DAYBREAK, but your car had a flat and you had to HITCH A RIDE. Your deliveries to the THREE different CITIES were late because of traffic. On your last delivery, a BLACKOUT hit and you got lost looking for the BUSINESS. Now they've fired you! They better watch out! You're one of the SERVANTS OF THE SILVER TWILIGHT, and you'll get even! (an EVENT costing Sanity)


..::New Aeon::..

U179 [Adventure]
The carrier contracted the disease in Kingsport (KINGSPORT LOCATION) - he lived just a block from the DAWN BIOZYME RESEARCH LAB. He spread it to the others aboard the plane (TRAVEL BY AIR) and the DOCTOR was quickly overwhelmed despite his EMERGENCY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. Authorities allowed an emergency landing at the COUNTRY LOCATION, after first establishing a GOVERMENT QUARANTINE about the airport. Evidence collected by the HAZ-MAT TEAM confirmed everyone's worst fear: the dread EBOLA VIRUS was spreading!

Out Of My Mind

..::New Aeon::..

R180 [Adventure]
Arriving in a simple brown wrapper, the antique book read PNAKOTIC MANUSCRIPTS across the plain cover. For hours I read, about strange creatures called YITHIANs who possessed singular mental powers (YITHIAN MENTAL CONTACT and YITHIAN PSYCHIC POSSESSION). Apparently, they can travel through time at will, stepping from here (WAKING WORLD LOCATION) into the future (NEW AEON LOCATION) as easily as we step from room to room. They could be with us now!

Operation Nemesis

..::New Aeon::..

C181 [Adventure]
"Good Morning, DETECTIVE. Here at FBI Headquarters (J. EDGAR HOOVER BUILDING ) we are about to launch Operation NEMESIS. Your mission is to identify a suspected CULTIST, currently a member of a UNITED NATIONS delegation. We believe his ultimate destination to be our nation's Capitol (one WASHINGTON D.C. Location), but beware: he is known to summon a MONSTER to do his bidding. The accompanying TOME will provide you with clues to his motives. Good Luck."

Today's Tabloid Headlines

..::New Aeon::..

U182 [Adventure]
Mysterious CROP CIRCLES Reveal Cancer Cure!
Alien UFO Secretly Held at AREA 51!
Experimental ANTI-GRAVITY HARNESS Fails Secret Government Test.
Alien Spacecraft Destroyed In Midair - TWO BUSINESSES Burned By Fallen Wreckage!

Promises, Promises

..::New Aeon::..

C183 [Adventure]
Calling yourself a Reverend, you use your power of MENTAL SUGGESTION over your gullible flock. They actually believe that the secret of eternal happiness can be found on a planet circling SIRIUS! You hold rituals at the rented CARLYLE HOUSE MUSEUM, keep them isolated in the COUNTRY LOCATION, empty their BANK VAULT and take everything they own (TWO ARTIFACTS or TOMES). Now they will follow you anywhere, even unto death (EVENT that affects opponent's ally)

Plan 9

..::New Aeon::..

U184 [Adventure]
Here you are a world-famous actor, and all your agent can get you is a B-MOVIE SCRIPT. You've seen this plot before in a dime-store TOME: the SCIENTIST or PROFESSOR invents a goofy-looking TIME MACHINE, which spews forth a shaggy MONSTER. The monster runs rampant, using its hypnotic abilities to ENTHRALL VICTIMS across the world (THREE LOCATIONS in different subregions). Only Our Hero and his sidekick, TOODEE-6, can save humankind.

Dark Horse

..::New Aeon::..

U199 [Adventure]
This election, you'll help your candidate any way you can. You slip an IRS AUDITOR incriminating evidence on your opponent and fan MEDIA HYPERBOLE to paint a DISTURBING PORTRAIT of him. You summon a HOUND OF TINDALOS to eliminate his campaign team and your agents, the MEN IN BLACK, fill their places. Onboard the 747, you accompany your candidate to campaign stops in THREE different SUBREGIONS. In the end, you'll vote CTHULHU FOR PRESIDENT. Why settle for the lesser evil.

Delta Green, Alpha Squad

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Soldier. Knows English

R001 [Ally]
Members of a super-secret Government agency. Its members are drawn from the FBI, CIA, and other department. Joins with Weapons at Artifact Locations.

Dennis Detwiller

Brother of the Yellow Sign

..::New Aeon::..
Corrupt Cultist & Artist. Knows French, Italian & German

C002 [Ally]
Can know two Yellow Sign Spells; can know any Spell otherwise. Bury Spell after it is cast.
Randy Asplund-Faith

Alex Cordry

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Explorer. Knows English & Binary

R003 [Ally]
About 10 years old and parentless, surviving on the streets for years. Bears an unusually direct and candid gaze, and an eye for the truth. Alex Cordry can join with any one Steadfast Ally.
Mark Jackson

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