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Nom de la carte

New Aeon


..::New Aeon::..
Affects Your Investigator

C069 [Event]
Play this card and immediately play a new Location in the same Region right-side-up on top of your Story Deck.
Frank Kanach

Acid Rain

..::New Aeon::..
Affects All Investigators

C074 [Event]
No Location bears the Forest attribute. Bury this card if any Day or Night Event is played.
Paul McConnell

Alex Cordry

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Explorer. Knows English & Binary

R003 [Ally]
About 10 years old and parentless, surviving on the streets for years. Bears an unusually direct and candid gaze, and an eye for the truth. Alex Cordry can join with any one Steadfast Ally.
Mark Jackson

Alien Abduction

..::New Aeon::..
Affects Opponent's Ally

C073 [Event]
Choose one Ally of up to 4 points in value (including Weapons) that your opponent must Bury . If you have Greys in play as an Ally, Bury a chosen Ally of any value. Then Bury this card.
Lee Gibbons

An Unexpected Calamity

..::New Aeon::..
Affects Passing

R072 [Event]
This card may only be played after one Pass has already been announced for the Round. Play this card, announce "Pass," then Bury this card. Skip this Round's Combat and go directly to End Of Round.
Paul McConnell

Anti-Gravity Harness

..::New Aeon::..
Affects Your Investigator

C125 [Artifact]
Costs 2 Sanity points to use. Travel to any Location in the same Dimension, as if Walking. May Travel between Regions and to Space Locations, but not to other Exotic Locations.
Frank Kanach

Area 51

..::New Aeon::..
Country, Government, Tome, Artifact

C025 [Location]
You may play UFO if this is your Current Location, even if you don't have Greys in play as an Ally.
Heather McKinney

Artist Colony

..::New Aeon::..
City, Site, Museum

U024 [Location]
"Mist comes up from the sea...full of dreams of dank pastures ans caves of leviathan" - H.P.Lovecraft, The Strange High House in the Mist
All Artists and Authors add 1 point to their card value when this is your Current Location.
Strephon Taylor

Ashes, Ashes, Azathoth

..::New Aeon::..

U172 [Adventure]
MONSTERS (two) have overrun the city. Through the sight of your WEAPON you see a BUSINESS and MUSEUM lying in RUINS, and an Army TANK lies broken and useless. You're on your own. You grab the cold metal of your TACTICAL NUCLEAR BOMB, and take careful aim at the CORRUPT CULTIST summoning his evil lord (a GREAT OLD ONE or OUTER GOD). You know that you are too close to survive yourself, but only you can end this madness.


..::New Aeon::..
Space Location, Eclipse

R122 [Monster]
The Nuclear Chaos. Each Investigator suffers 2 points of Radiation damage the moment that this card is played. Ignore red Sanity pentagrams and reverse the effect of green Sanity pentagrams for all cards played while Azathoth is in play. Investigators may not gain Sanity.
Tom Sullivan

Azathoth And Others

..::New Aeon::..

U146 [Tome]
A collection of poems by talented Arkham poet Edward Derby.
An Unexpected Calamity can not be played by any player.
Heather McKinney

B-Movie Script

..::New Aeon::..

C151 [Tome]
Bury this card and cause one opponent to "recast" (Flip) his or her Investigator card unless that opponent loses 2 Sanity points by rejecting the script.
Barry Chambers

Bank Vault

..::New Aeon::..
Affects Your Hand

C130 [Artifact]
On a Turn following the play of this card, place 1-3 Tomes or Artifacts from your Hand face-down beneath the Bank Vault (max 3). Cards are not in play. Bury this card to return cards to your Hand. Cards are Discarded if this card is lost.
Frank Kanach


..::New Aeon::..
Affects Opponent's Investigator

R077 [Event]
Fear of Books. Lose 1 Sanity point at the beginning of each Turn that your Current Location features the Tome attribute.
Randy Asplund-Faith

Billington's Woods

..::New Aeon::..
Country, Ruins

C029 [Location]
This card also fulfills the Nemesis requirements for playing Yog-Sothoth.
Michael Kucharski

Black Belt

..::New Aeon::..
Affects Ally's Value

R129 [Artifact]
Add 1 point to Ally's value. During Combat Ally is Buried only if he or she takes full card value in Sanity loss. If Ally is lost this card suffers the same fate.
Bryon Wackwitz


..::New Aeon::..
Affects All Investigators

C076 [Event]
It is now Night. Bury any Day or Night Event in play. Each opponent loses 1 Sanity point if their Current Location features the City attribute when this card is played.
Sam Shirley


..::New Aeon::..
Affects a Weapon

R187 [Spell]
Target Weapon becomes Enchanted for the remainder of the Round.
Joel Biske

Blink of an Eye

..::New Aeon::..
Affects Passing

C075 [Event]
Play this card, and the pass by a player on an earlier Turn is voided - no Passes have been announced for the current Round. You may immediately play a second card. Then, Bury this card.
Randy Asplund-Faith

Brother of the Yellow Sign

..::New Aeon::..
Corrupt Cultist & Artist. Knows French, Italian & German

C002 [Ally]
Can know two Yellow Sign Spells; can know any Spell otherwise. Bury Spell after it is cast.
Randy Asplund-Faith

Bulletproof Vest

..::New Aeon::..
Affects Your Ally

R128 [Artifact]
Give this card to one of your Allies in play. As long as you have other Allies in play, exclude Ally with Vest when you must randomly choose an Ally.
Michael Kellner

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