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Nom de la carte

New Aeon

Brother of the Yellow Sign

..::New Aeon::..
Corrupt Cultist & Artist. Knows French, Italian & German

C002 [Ally]
Can know two Yellow Sign Spells; can know any Spell otherwise. Bury Spell after it is cast.
Randy Asplund-Faith

Howard Lovecraft

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Author & Scientist. Knows English, Binary & Hyperborean

C007 [Ally]
Virtual Howard. Bury any Howard Lovecraft currently in play, for all Investigators.
Dave Carson

Haz-Mat Team

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Worker. Knows English

C008 [Ally]
Cleaning up the hazardous messes of others.
Add 2 points to the value of this card when your Current Location has the government attribute.
Scott Kirschner

Giovanni Angellis

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Police Detective. Knows Italian & English

C009 [Ally]
INTERPOL Agent. Add 1 point to the value of this card if there are Corrupt Allies among those opposing him in Combat.
Bryon Wackwitz

Napoleon Whateley

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Police Detective. Knows English

C012 [Ally]
Federal Agent. Protection from Alien Abduction and from cards that cause you to lose Artifacts and Tomes. At the moment that you would lose an Artifact or Tome, you may chose to Bury this card instead. Your opponent must then Bury his or her card.
Stephen King

Johnny Booger

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Musician. Knows English, French & German

C013 [Ally]
"He knew too little, saw too much
No escaping the nightmare's clutch-Evil in the guise of man,
Child of the deep sea's clan..."
- Johnny Booger
Roger Raupp

Patricia Bridgitte Jodoin

..::New Aeon::..
Corrupt Dreamer & Occultist. Knows French & Glyphs

C015 [Ally]
Contactee. While this card is in play, you may use a Gate to play Men In Black as Allies.
Lissanne Lake

Ozzy Orne

..::New Aeon::..
Corrupt Cultist & Musician. Living Dead. Knows English

C016 [Ally]
His message of despair is unsubtle and discordant-belying his rumored ancestry. Can know one spell. Bury spell after it is cast.
Lee Moyer

Nikola Tesla

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Inventor & Scientist. Knows English & German

C017 [Ally]
Born in Croatia in 1856, Died 1943. Play in either the Waking World or New Aeon. At an Artifact Gate Location you may place an Artifact from any Dimension beneath this card. If this card is lost, the Artifact suffers the same fate. The Artifact can be replaced with another, if lost.
Joel Maurer

Reverend Baxter Lully

..::New Aeon::..
Corrupt Cultist & Priest. Knows English & Latin

C019 [Ally]
Flip this card to give your Current Location the Church attribute. During each additional Turn that you remain in this Location and that Reverend Baxter Lully remains Flipped, you may Bury one Phobia affecting your Investigator.
Anthony Hightower

Professor L.N. Isinwyll

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Professor & Dreamer. Knows English, Latin & Glyphs

C020 [Ally]
A valued member of the Miskatonic University staff; author of many books and papers covering diverse aspects of the occult and the Mythos.
Roger Raupp

Sandy Petersen

..::New Aeon::..
Steadfast Author. Knows English, Binary & Glyphs

C023 [Ally]
Born 1955. Author of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game system, first published in 1981. Co-designer of the DOOM computer game.
Edward P. Beard Jr.

Area 51

..::New Aeon::..
Country, Government, Tome, Artifact

C025 [Location]
You may play UFO if this is your Current Location, even if you don't have Greys in play as an Ally.
Heather McKinney


..::New Aeon::..
City, Press, Business, Tome, Artifact

C027 [Location]
Founded in 1975 and located in Oakland CA. Your Author Allies add 1 point to their card value when this is your Current Location.
Edward P. Beard Jr.

Carlyle House Museum

..::New Aeon::..
Country, House, Museum, Artifact

C028 [Location]
No one knows what became of the old Carlyle Expedition to Egypt. Scandal and indelicate behavior are now believed to have played a part in their disappearance.
Stephen Barnwell

Billington's Woods

..::New Aeon::..
Country, Ruins

C029 [Location]
This card also fulfills the Nemesis requirements for playing Yog-Sothoth.
Michael Kucharski


..::New Aeon::..
City, Ruins, Artifact

C031 [Location]
The Flavian Amphitheater, inaugurated in 80 AD, originally stood next to a 120-foot statue of emperor Nero. Seated an estimated 50,000 spectators.
Michael Powell

Dawn Biozyme Research Lab

..::New Aeon::..
City, Government, Artifact

C035 [Location]
Founded in 1985, this corporation specializes in genetically-engineered agricultural agents.
Alan M. Clark

European Space Agency

..::New Aeon::..
Country, Government, Business, Artifact

C037 [Location]
The agency launchpad. While this is your Current Location, you may spend a Turn and Bury one Storm Event or Drought.
Doug Chaffee

Eiffel Tower

..::New Aeon::..
City, Site, Artifact

C038 [Location]
Named after its builder, French structural engineer Alexandre Gustaf Eiffel, erected for the Paris Exposition of 1889. For forty years it was the tallest structure in the world until the completion of the Chrysler Building in New York.
Anthony Hightower

Greenwich Village

..::New Aeon::..
City, Site, Tome, Library, University

C039 [Location]
A unique section of New York City; a haven of artists ans students. Your Artists, Authors, and Students add 1 point to their card value when this is your Current Location.
Susan Van Camp

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