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A Lender Be


C100 [Adventure]
You were so enamored of books that your goal was to be a librarian like your mentor TUKOR. He set you a task: You must discover 2 TOMES in different languages, and within them 2 SPELLS with different icons. You had to travel to 3 different GREAT LIBRARY OF THE DREAMLANDS cards, but in the end you succeeded.
When you play this card you may move your Spells among legal Tomes and Allies who can know a Spell.

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


C103 [Adventure]
All your life you thought magic a child's myth, but now you know the magnificent truth! To begin you journey to a distant EXOTIC LOCATION - first TRAVEL BY LAND, and then TRAVEL BY AIR. Once there, with the proper STAR in the sky, you take out the ancient TOME and chant the SPELL found within. You perform the magical rites of inititiation, and now may call yourself a PRIEST of the eternal powers.

Armed and Clueless


R104 [Adventure]
You first came across it in the old RUINS. What is this ENCHANTED WEAPON, and how does it work? You knew the ancient DREAMER could figure it out, but how to find him? You travelled to a LOCATION in the EAST, and then a LOCATION in the WEST, and finally found him in an EXOTIC LOCATION.

A Midsummer Night's Dream


R105 [Adventure]
When THE CHILDREN HAVE SWEET DREAMS, you are finally able to rest. Falling asleep, you leave your Waking World HOUSE behind and find yourself wandering through the GATE OF DEEPER SLUMBER and into the CAVERN OF FLAME. Then the NIGHTMARE strikes! You wake to find yourself at a Waking World SITE! How did you get here? And what's that you're holding?
If you are in the Waking World when this card is played, you may also play one Dreamlands Artifact or Tome.

Doomed if You Do


C106 [Adventure]
The power must be yours! You listened to the whispers of your LIVING DEAD ALLY and became obsessed with learning the secrets of the Gods. Searching all over MNAR (3 different locations), you finally discovered an elusive BEING OF IB who would teach you the rites to propitiate the Great Old One BOKRUG. In the favor of the god, you were taught the SPELL that can only be found in the TOME with a Dream Icon.

Days of Wine and Roses


R107 [Adventure]
The roses were blooming by the HOUSE LOCATION in Kingsport when you first noticed the SUN SPOTS. As if in a dream you traveled to the HARBOR OF CELEPHAIS, where you played the LUTE OF OONAI and drank the WINE OF PNOTH. But alas, with EVENING comes sorrow, and you lost your beloved STEADFAST ALLY to the AWFUL DOOM OF CERRIT.

Come Sail Away


C108 [Adventure]
Living in a quiet KINGSPORT LOCATION, you thought your life would never change. But one day the old SEAMAN invited you to TRAVEL BY SEA to lands he said you had never even imagined. Saying good-bye to your old friend BASIL ELTON, you set sail across the starlit seas. After what seemed like months of drifting with the winds, you saw a LIGHTHOUSE in the distance, and finally made PORT at a DREAMLANDS LOCATION.

Moon Quest


U109 [Adventure]
One NIGHT, as the Moon's silvery light slides across your sleeping face, you are met by the KING OF ILEK-VAD, who asks you to accompany him on his journey to capture an exotic creature on the Moon. To get there, you must meet with a disreputable MERCHANT in an unsavory LOCATION (any Location that costs Sanity). He takes the two of you in the hold of his noisome BLACK GALLEY to the FAR SIDE OF THE MOON, where you encounter a MOON-BEAST and return with to his kingdom.

If I Ran the Zoog


U110 [Adventure]
I'd galumpf on the back of my big hairy YAK, to TRAVEL so far by the light of a STAR. To the dark OPAL THRONE where the KING sits alone, corralling, at noonith, a burrowing VOONITH. And in the VALE OF PNOTH snag a big BUOPOTH. I would capture a GUG in the TEMPLE OF BOKRUG, and then to the glen where they're dancing to fugues those whirlingly, twirlingly, ANGRY ZOOGS.

Four-Armed is Forewarned


C111 [Adventure]
Ah, the lure of the mysterious underworld - what will you meet in the dark land of the realm of dream? It is wise to go prepared, and so you bring your favourite WEAPON and an EXPLORER. By NIGHT you travel deep to TWO different UNDERWORLD LOCATIONS. But how could you have known of the terrible horror of the towering GUG?!? Your Weapon and Ally protect you; still you cannot erase that dark memory that etched a PHOBIA into your psyche.

The Even Stranger Case of Charles Fort


R112 [Adventure]
When you began investigating strange phenomena for that fine GENTLEMAN, you didn't quite know what you were getting in to . The RAIN OF FISH and SWARM OF INSECTS scared you a bit, but you didn't develop a PHOBIA until the STRANGE HUMANOID ENCOUNTER. You've decided to try and get away from it all in the COUNTRY. If that doesn't work, you'll head out to a PORT or STATION and leave town. The truth is out there...

The Art of Magic


U113 [Adventure]
Learning the Art of Magic is not simple. You must visit a LIBRARY, a SITE, and a COUNTRY GATE LOCATION to gain knowledge. Meet with TWO ALLIES that are either Spiritualists, Occultists, Priests or Dreamers. Only then will you be able to translate a TOME with the Dream Icon, and learn a SPELL.



C114 [Adventure]
It was a quiet DAY as you sat dreamily enjoying the WINE OF PNOTH that your friend had brought back from her trip to the old country. Then in what seemed an instant, the sky turned black; a TWISTER ripped your HOUSE into the sky and dropped you down outside a glittering PALACE. Luckily your house crushed a MONSTER. What an EVENT! Was it all a dream?

The Hero's Journey


U115 [Adventure]
After THE GATHERING, your heroic journey can begin. You travel extensively, using TWO TRAVEL EVENTS, to track the evil that lies across the land. You even descend to the UNDERWORLD (any Location in the Underworld region). From this realm of death you return reborn, emerging at any non-Underworld LOCATION. Finally, finding the evil that plagues the land (any GREAT OLD ONE or OUTER GOD), you dispatch it! A new DAY dawns...
When this card is played, Bury all Great Old Ones and Outer Gods currently in play. Then gain the Sanity bonus for playing this card.

The Great Menagerie


C116 [Adventure]
It is your goal to gather together a fantastic menagerie of the most splendid creatures in the world. With the help of your friend (any ADVENTURER or EXPLORER), journey to THREE different OUTSIDE LOCATIONS, and discover FOUR MONSTERS of different subtypes. Once your creatures have been gathered, you will need to find a nice CITY LOCATION to house your menagerie in.

The Gathering


C117 [Adventure]
Before any great quest, there must first come a gathering of forces. To unite your companions, the CHIEF, the PRIEST, the MERCHANT, and the DREAMER, you must journey to THREE LOCATIONS in different cities, towns or villages. To equip yourself, you must find your destined WEAPON and the ACCOUTERMENTS OF HEROES. Finally, to purify yourself, you must visit a holy place (a CHURCH or a TEMPLE). You are ready...
When this card is played, you may take any one Chief, Priest, Merchant, or Dreamer from your Story Deck and return it to play.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice


R119 [Adventure]
You should never have messed with the Master's TOME! How could you know that the SPELL would sweep you away to THE ENCHANTED WOOD? You may never have escaped those dancing mushrooms if the pink ELEPHANT CARAVAN hadn't shown up. Just when you thought you were safe tittering NIGHTGAUNTS carried you off to the PEAKS OF THOK. There a giant demon reveled amongst the flames threatening a nearby TOWN. If it were not for the monks of the TEMPLE OF LOVELINESS you would never again have seen the light of DAY.

The Meow Ceremony


C120 [Adventure]
Catastrophe! Who's been killing the CATS OF ULTHAR? Who left that corpse at THE MARKET-PLACE, or the other at THE WHITE WHALE INN? Is it the hated CAT FROM SATURN, as some suggest? The CAT CHIEFTAN calls a meeting of all cats, and they converge upon the HOVEL OF THE CAT HATERS, putting an end to this horror with the PETITION OF MENES.

Carter's Quest


R200 [Adventure]
Using CARTER'S CLOCK, you met up with fellow explorer RANDOLPH CARTER at a SITE during a FANTASTIC DREAM. He told you about THE SNAKE-DEN, near the LAIR of a MONSTER. To reach it you traveled on a ZEBRA or YAK (choose one) and met a CORRUPT CULTIST who knew the way to the ISLAND LOCATION. You and your FRIEND went on to the CASTLE OF THE GREAT ONES ON KADATH, and then returned to tell your story to the KING.

Atal the High Priest

Steadfast Priest. Knows English & Latin

U118 [Ally]
You may Bury Atal the High Priest instead of paying the Sanity cost for casting a Spell.
Michael Kimble

Captain of the White Ship

Steadfast Dreamer & Seaman. Knows English

C121 [Ally]
This card can be played in the Dreamlands or in the Waking World. You may play a Travel by Sea Event when normally prohibited by a Storm Event.
Randy Asplund-Faith

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